Stage 6. Albargaria a Velha – Porto

Albargaria a Velha – Porto

66,20 Kms

This stage like the previous one that took us to Albergaria a priori will not be a stage that will leave us impressed by the landscape or the places that we will travel with our bicycles.

So we leave ready to travel mostly on asphalt, cobblestones and densely populated areas and therefore highly urbanized.

Depending on where we have slept in Albergaría a Velha we will have to go and look for the arrows that will be our guide in one way or another.

If we know or remember where we left them the day before, it will be easy and if there is a rule that almost never fails … we will have our dear yellow arrow.

If you use a highly recommended GPS on this route on our website and in the description of this stage you will find the track.

If you have fallen asleep at the RIBEROTEL accommodation, the GPS track leaves in front of this hotel.

If you have slept anywhere else, you have to look for the north of the city and cross the EN1 national road, we must leave the industrial area on our left and head towards the small residential area of ​​SENHORA DO SOCORRO. The path passes through there and right there we will have access to a dirt road that will take us to the Virgen del Socorro sanctuary (on our right) and there after a small stretch of asphalt we return to the land through a forest area where we will have to have special be careful in the mud in case of rain. (In case of doubt due to the mud, you can continue straight on asphalt after the sanctuary of the Virgin to turn through the first asphalt road to the left and thus save this stretch of land.)

Soon we will cross the train tracks and access the first houses from ALBERGARIA TO NOVA by road. The road will take us off the national road and take us to the right to skirt the city in a quieter area and less traveled by cars and trucks.

When we leave the city again we take the road and soon we will have to cross it (attention very dangerous crossing). We continue on asphalt towards LAJINHAS.

We continue with the description of the stage but summarizing what will be the keynote of today’s stage and what will come, we will clarify that this stage will transit through highly populated and urbanized areas, so we will be moving from one residential area to another and always accompanied by cars and traffic. So we must be cautious and be very careful. The prize for this stage and the main attraction is at the end (OPORTO) and it could be said that it will be a process to get to this city by passing through this area without a special landscape attraction. So we will not go too far specifying road junctions, national highway, etc. We will summarize the most important milestones that you will have to go through until you reach Porto.

The profile of the stage in terms of unevenness will be a continuous rise and fall (sawtooth) with the advantage in our favor that we will arrive in Porto downhill and the last few kilometers we can let ourselves go …

Once this is clarified we continue with the description of the stage:

In PINHEIRO DA BEMPOSTA (km 13 of the stage) we will have to cross the national road through an overpass by stairs.

Our reference now ahead is the town of OLIVEIRA DE AZEMEIS which we are going to get to by fiddling with the N1 road and with the train tracks that we will have to cross several times. The entrance to OLIVEIRA DE AZEMEIS is preceded by a hard climb of approximately 1 km that will make us justified having a good snack in a bar in the town. We have already 20 kms of stage and here we can apply the cycling advice to drink before being thirsty and eat before being hungry so as not to catch the dreaded pájara.

In about 5 kms mainly in descent we will be in SALGEIRO before another area of ​​climbs and slopes that will take us to a large and somewhat suffocating city and that will stress us out a bit. SAO JOAO DA MADEIRA is a city with a lot of traffic, avenues, shopping areas … etc.

After passing through this great city (a priori we will circulate along large avenues with many cars and we will not find suitable places to stop …, the sensation in the 2 times that I personally passed through there is trying to leave that city as soon as possible and look for quieter places) .., so we continue pedaling and when we pass this bustling city, we leave it and arrive at ARRIFANA (we will be more or less at kilometer 33 of our stage).

It depends on the rhythm that we have carried, perhaps it is time to eat, if so, I also remember from my walk that it was not a very easy place to find where to eat. On the gps track I left some restaurants marked, this is one that took great care of us and we have to turn off leaving a little to the right of the road:


Nova Praça Restaurant

Praça Gen. Humberto Delgado 108, 3700-491 Arrifana, Portugal

In any case, we should not condition our trip to an exact eating area and if we want to be proactive, this stage is also recommended to go prepared with a snack or picnic to stop where it is more comfortable to regain strength. The jungle of asphalt and the continuous movement of cars and trucks will not give us much respite to find places to stop for lunch. You could say that this will not be the best of the stages and the sooner and better we get to Porto the better …

After this reflection on food we return to the description of the stage:

When passing the population of ARRIFANA we must pay special attention to the signs so as not to get lost as there is a confusing place with stairs that will also force us to be cautious so as not to have an accident. Be careful until you pass this area.

We will arrive at the town of INFESTAS where after a hard climb we will come to a crossroads where we will have to cross to the left taking the road and be very careful !!, we will have to travel along the dangerous national highway (attention) for approximately 3 kms to MALAPOSTA. We never tire of repeating .., this area is very dangerous with several crossings where we will have to pay close attention.

If we could not eat before, we forgot the picnic sandwich and we need to regain strength here we have another opportunity (Km 40 of the stage more or less, we will pass in front of this restaurant, along the national road and following our path):

Restaurant and hotel, Pedra Bela

R. Malaposta 510, 4505, Portugal

+351 256 911 338

We are also presented here with a very good opportunity if we need maintenance on our bicycle. In front of the restaurant (we find it a bit earlier on the left) a bicycle shop:

Grandíssima – Cultura da Bicicleta

R. Malaposta 4, 4520-606 Sanfins, Portugal

+351 932 570 622

* If you like it, they offer the possibility of having a sandwich at its facilities *

After MALAPOSTA we will already enter an area with a firm surface that will accompany us for many kilometers…., the paving stones replace the asphalt and that continuous rattle that at first will make us a certain grace in the end will become a bit unbearable . If we do not have good cushioning in front of our bikes our wrists will suffer.

But not everything is going to be bad news;), now mostly the layout will be downhill. So we continue without losing sight of houses, housing estates, industrial sectors, buildings and cement, after all, gradually approaching our final destination.

With these we arrive at LOUROSA where again we travel a little along the N1 road and we have to cross it at a couple of points (be careful!). After these maneuvers we take the direction to MOSELOS …, luckily we continue preferably downhill.

The cobblestones will accompany us in this anteroom of a great city and the many crossroads to which we must be vigilant so as not to overdo it, since tiredness and fatigue battered with the desire to arrive may be the perfect condiments to pass us a downhill signal …

Before entering GRIJÓ we will cross the highway below, we come to a roundabout, we turn left and we will find a cemetery (curious to see how this cemetery is totally wedged between the street and the huge warehouses of a factory). In front of the cemetery there is a monastery where in its gardens we can access, rest and take a breather before facing the last ramps to Porto (if we have not yet eaten the recommended picnic perhaps this would be a good place).

We continue along cobblestones with our daily rattle on the handlebars and we approach one of the last obstacles (a steep climb up the Roman road with steps) that will start after the town of PEROSINHO. If we have physiological needs (going to the toilet) now is a good time .., in these kilometers of approach to the fateful and last great hill, we will pass some bars in this town. As a reference of where we circulate there is a curious and well-made sculpture that pays homage to the road…, which in turn is the sign that warns of the entry into the town.

About 3 kms of hard ascent on a Roman road with rocks and steps will not allow us to roll no matter how strong we are and we will have to climb this section walking and pushing the bicycle. Arm yourself with patience and calmly climb through this forest and this ancient road to one of the last hills, after which we will have another complicated area of ​​stones (quiet it is not very long) and we will already begin to descend through the suburbs of the city that on the heights they will provide us with views of the city of Porto.

When we reach a wide avenue with the tram tracks and unusual traffic of these curious vehicles, (a wide and descending avenue), we will no longer have to worry about the signs and by pure intuition we will only have to drop down never losing sight of the tram tracks that go directly to the bridge, (beware of the large transfer of people and cars).

Already on the genuine and iconic LUIS I bridge, the nerve center of the city and with impressive views …, we will see the cathedral in the background on the left. Our guide ends here and we leave you at the destination ready to enjoy this wonderful city that is ideal for a rest day to enjoy it and visit it thoroughly.

If the choice to sleep is the recommended one of the PALACIO DE LOS CONDES DE AZEVEDO, you will have it very easy .., passing the first street bridge on the right .., (you will see it on the right on the riverbank, just where he delivers the bridge).

Reflection on the Stage

Hard link stage to the city of Porto. An authentic sawtooth of ups and downs and what will lessen and affect us the most at this stage will be the feeling of always being between houses and cars.

We will not stop moving through urban and highly populated areas throughout the day. This is one of the most inhabited areas of Portugal and the company of the national highway throughout the day will pose some danger to us. Be very attentive at crossings because we are in some danger and do not forget to always circulate well attached to the right.

As a consolation when we arrive in Porto we will be in a beautiful city that is well worth visiting.

Also as consolation to say that from Porto the following stages and especially if the option of the Coast is taken (it will be the one that we are going to develop in this guide), will already be more of the countryside and mountains and we will also have very nice to pedal.

Accommodation in Porto 

Condes de Azevedo Palace Apartments  
Magnolia Porto Hostels & Suites  
The Rex Hotel  

Bike Shops  

Bike Vendas
Av. Dr. José Homem de Albuquerque
3850-074 Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal
Tel: +351 919 360 023
3700-164 São João da Madeira, Portugal
Tel: +351 256 025 598

Joni´s Bike Shop
R. do Barroco 233700-127 São João da Madeira, Portugal
Tel: +351 256 025 598

FullBike Lda
R. Dom Afonso Henriques 19733700-344 São João da Madeira, Portugal
Tel: +351 256 834 156
Grandissima – Cultura da Bicicleta
R. Malaposta 44520-606 Sanfins, Portugal
Tel: +351 932 570 622
Biclas & Triclas
Largo de Artur Arcos Rua da Arménia 30,
R. Nova da Alfândega 108,4050-066 Porto, Portugal
Tel: +351 22 099 6130
*Principal colaborador de BICIGRINO en la ciudad y puntopreferente para recogidade bicicletas de alquiler y asistencia técnica*

Gaia Bike – Bessa Leite
R. António Bessa Leite 1268,4150-072 Porto, Portugal
Tel: +351 22 242 2043
*Concesionario Specialized*
Bike Zone
Via Castelo do Queijo 964, loja 13/14, 4100-429 Porto, Portugal
*Si tomamos la opción de la costa la encontraremos a pocos kmsa la salida de la siguienteetapa en dirección por la costa hacia MATOSINHOS*