Links Camino de Santiago by bicycle

We have classified the links to the most interesting web pages for those who plan the Camino de Santiago by bicycle or for those who are lovers of cycling.

In this section you will find internet sites specially selected by us.


Our friend Jose Ignacio, after 10 years, republishes a bicycle travel guide that he would like to make known. THE VIA AUGUSTA BY BICYCLE. A long bicycle route along the old Roman road of the Vía Augusta, in its Iberian section between Cádiz and the Pyrenean mountain range. You can see all the information at the following link: We hope it may be of interest to you.

Forum Bicigrino

The forum of the road to Santiago by bicycle and the road with physical disabilities. This is the forum affiliated with our portal and the perfect meeting place to meet people with a common affinity and, of course, to solve any doubts you may have about the Camino de Santiago.

Bikers in the web

Very complete website with information on the cycling world in general. Route information, training routines and many tips.

Routes and things related to mountain bikes.

Interesting Web in Spanish and Catalan. Tips on the Camino de Santiago on foot. Special information about the Catalan road.

Camino de

The 8 Caminos de Santiago in Galicia done on foot by Carlos Olmo Bosco, in multimedia format, an essential website for pilgrims to Santiago and visitors to Galicia.

Excellent portal on the Camino de Santiago on any of its routes, with updated and up-to-date information…, everything necessary to organize the Camino and abundant editorial material on the Jacobean routes. (highly recommended)

This page is recommended for Dutch and Flemish bikers. You will find 32 questions and answers to organize your journey from Holland.

Camino de Santiago (Photos)

Impressive compilation of photographs on the French way and other ways.

Very complete website on the Camino de Santiago. From the university point of view. Its authors are pilgrims willing to advise and help at all times. Your wise advice has been very helpful to me personally.

Diaries of pilgrims

Muy recomendable recopilación de diarios y bitácoras de peregrinos y bicigrinos de todos los caminos. Impresionante directorio. Siempre he dicho que no hay mejor forma de aprender sobre un camino que leer bitácoras y diarios de viaje.

Los sellos del camino

Web with practically all the stamps of the roads to Santiago. Impressive collection. Now with a new design, the truth is that it is a joy to get lost in its pages and it shows how it could not be otherwise that its author has passed through the path and the path has passed through it.

On this website, among many other things related to the world of bicycles, you can find good information on how to transport your bicycle by bus, train or plane. Very interesting.


Portal on the Camino de Santiago with extensive information on routes, maps, hostels, accommodation, etc.

All Caminos de Santiago

Óscar Carrascosa shares on his website the GPS data for different Ways to Santiago. Data is downloaded in CSV format, which is easily convertible to commercial GPS device formats. With the GPSBABEL program you can convert to the format that interests you.