Hotels Camino de Santiago by bicycle

With the intention of assuring a good rest at the end of the day and also a suitable place for storing and caring for your bike, we created BICIGRINO hostel network , which aims to give special treatment adapted to the needs of cyclists.

BICIGRINO hostels are particularly sensitive to the needs of people doing Camino de Santiago using a bicycle and are perfectly suited for them and their mounts.

The services of our lodges are extended and conditioned every year in order to adapt to the increasing needs of bicigrinos and make this project a reference in Camino de Santiago. Our proposals arise from the first person, direct knowledge of the peculiarities and needs of cyclists, and because of that, services are expanding progressively. This year we offer various services such as: bicycle rental, packing in hostels to facilitate transport, specific cyclist shops, mini-workshops for repair and maintenance of bicycles, etc.

In our hostels you can reserve a place, keep your bike safe and above all you can plan your stages knowing beforehand that you will have place for you and your bike.

With us you can send your bike back home after finishing your journey. As soon as you enter Santiago de Compostela, you can leave your bicycle in a safe place and ready to be transported.

Also thanks to the services provided by this website you can send your bike from home to the starting point of the Camino.

At bicigrino you can find these and many more services already offered and others that we will be adding as time goes by to satisfy needs of bicigrinos.

The hostels on this website have been especially chosen for their willingness and suitability to the people doing Camino de Santiago by bicycle.

It is a prerequisite that these hostels are able to keep bicycles safely and not to discriminate the bike-pilgrims on reservations of seats, tending to give equal treatment to both those doing the Camino walking and those who do it on a bicycle. At the end of a hard day on the route both pilgrims and bike-pilgrims (each group with their conditioning factors and their mileage) deserve equal treatment and in these spaces they can also share experiences.

In BICIGRINO hostels you will find a particular philosophy thought for the particular needs of bike-pilgrims.

Now, as a novelty we are also standardizing and inspecting hostels through an insurance company in order to integrate and adapt them to provide additional safety with roadside assistance service and extra protection against theft. In this way we emphasize specially and directly on one of the reasons that most concern those who make cycling routes, the theft of their bicycles.