Double Suspension E-MTB Bikes Rental

THRON² 6.8

Bosch customizable smart system with performance cx motor, kiox 300 screen and 750 wh battery (size s: 625 wh). 130mm travel with f.o.l.d. kinematics: rockshox 35 gold fork and deluxe select rear shock. Reliable and precise shimao xt components with powerful 4-piston brakes

The efficient Bosch Performance CX motor (4th gen.) offers assistance up to 25 km/h with a powerful 85 Nm. Bosch’s most powerful motor is perfectly integrated, the THRON² has a very balanced behavior. In eMTB mode, motor assistance automatically adjusts to your pedaling power. The new 750 Wh (Smart System) battery (size S: 625 Wh) offers endless fun on the trails. The battery is built into the down tube, but can be removed for charging.

The F.O.L.D. With 130mm of suspension travel it soaks up all the bumps in your path. Whether it’s a fast, flowing trail or a rugged gravel ride, the perfect mix of sensitivity and strong overall resistance lets you enjoy all your rides. The characteristics are completely progressive which results in a chassis that offers a lot of stability making you feel safe on any terrain. Especially e-mountain bikes with the added weight of the motor and battery benefit from more progression. This allows you to handle any trail while the chassis still provides comfort for long rides. Plus, the THRON² 6.8’s lower height gives you more room to play on the trail.

From bikepacking trips, to excursions through alpine terrain or your daily urban commute: everything is possible with the THRON². With a few changes to the build, you can add features to your THRON² – depending on where your e-MTB tour takes you. On the other hand, a USB-C port on the top tube offers you the possibility to charge your devices. Additionally, the C.I.S. (Cockpit Integration Solution) specially developed ensures a clean cockpit and smooth-operating shifts and brakes. All the cables go from the handlebars to the frame for the stem and the steering.

The Focus Thron² 6.8 is a high-end electric MTB bike designed for riders looking for a powerful and versatile bike. With its Brose Drive S Mag motor and integrated battery, this bike offers smooth and efficient electric assistance to help riders tackle the most challenging terrain.

Additionally, the Focus Thron² 6.8 features optimized frame geometry and a comfortable riding position for an enjoyable and efficient riding experience. It is also available in different sizes and colours, allowing riders to customize their bike to suit their individual needs.

In short, the Focus Thron² 6.8 is a high-end electric MTB designed for riders looking for a powerful and versatile bike. With its Brose Drive S Mag motor, integrated battery, suspension, drivetrain and disc brakes, it’s an ideal choice for riders looking for a high-quality electric MTB bike.

Below is a video tutorial where it is explained step by step how you can reserve your bike from the links on the page.


Hospedería San Martín Pinario

The Hospedería San Martín Pinario has become the new center for depositing, collecting and storing bicycles in relation to the transport service “from Santiago to your home” by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the reservation bonus through the Bicigrino online store, you can leave your bike here without worries so that it can be transported home. In this way, you can stay comfortably and send your bike without complications.

Welcome to the FAQ section!

Here you will find answers to the most common questions that our customers have had about our bicycles and services. If you have a question that is not found here, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

To make your reservation you must press the "Bike Rental" button, or do it from the following link.

The following material is included:

  • Specific and pre-installed rack.
  • Tires specially chosen for optimal use on the road.
  • Bicigrino Camino de Santiago guide (magazine format)
  • Pilgrim's credential
  • *Water bottle, (it is new and for individual use, you can take it as a souvenir at the end of the journey).
  • Pair of ORTLIEB BACK ROLLER CITY saddlebags recommended on the bicigrino website, waterproof, with a click fastening system for easy on and off.
  • Padlock to keep the bike safe.
  • Practical bag on the top bar, ideal for carrying your camera or mobile phone (for example) by hand on the road.
  • Tool kit with tubes, patches, pump and multi-tools (with chain breaker) to solve any eventuality en route.
  • Grease and oil kit to lubricate the bicycle during the tour.
  • Gel cover for the saddle to prevent chafing.
  • Valve adapter that will allow you to put air in gas stations.

Yes, the helmet outside the city is always mandatory. It is also 100% recommended to use it in the city because if they suffer an accident it can make the effect much less. Helmets are not included in the rental, as we think that for hygiene reasons it is not recommended. Nor do we have them for rent.

It is a mandatory refundable deposit, which must be paid up to a maximum of 10 days before the start of the rental, this deposit will be returned within a period of 5 to 7 working days after the return of the bicycles. In case of verifying that the bicycle suffers a serious breakage or some material that is delivered together with the bicycle is not available for its return, this deposit will be deducted.las bicicletas. En caso de comprobar que la bicicleta sufre una rotura grave o algún material que se les entrega junto a la bicicleta no estuviese a la devolución de esta, se les descontaría de este deposito.

If you decide that you want to cancel the rental you will receive a refund that will vary depending on the time that has elapsed after payment. Our policy works as follows;

If the cancellation occurs 30 days before the reservation, the refund will be total and 100% of the capital will be returned.

If the cancellation occurs between 30 to 15 days before the reservation date, the refund will be 50% and we will return half of the money.

On the other hand, if you cancel the reservation later, we will not be able to refund you anything.

You can also, if you wish, postpone your reservation for a maximum period of 2 years. We will keep both the number of days and the type of bicycle (MTB, Gravel, EMTB or double EMTB) and the price of your reservation, to carry out this option. You would have to notify us at least ten days in advance about the beginning of the rental of your bicycle, since if you notify us with less time, although we would also keep the reservation, if the bicycle had been sent you would already have to pay for the recovery costs of this.

We can send the bicycles to the hotels/hostels that you want, as long as they have a reception on the street level with business hours. We will never send the bikes to Airbnb (or similar) rental apartments or pensions. There is also the option of sending them to bicycle shops, for this, ask us where they could be delivered.

We hope this frequently asked questions section has been helpful for you. If you have more questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you enjoy your bicycle to the fullest!