My Camino de Santiago

My name is Tomás Sánchez and I live in Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain. I invite you to check out one of my passions, the …Camino de Santiago by mountain bike.

For me, the Camino de Santiago by bicycle is one of the most rewarding experiences for anyone with interest in adventure and discovery. You only need a bicycle, a pair of saddlebags and great enthusiasm.



“The most beautiful side of dreams is the path leading to them.

The most beautiful side of dreams is dreaming.

If only, later, life is so kind as to fulfill your dream, express your gratitude and enjoy that reality.

If it is not the case, express your gratitude as well, knowing that you carry the best part of the whole process in your heart.”




The discovery

Back in September 2005, on a visit to the home of some friends they told me a story of a relative who had just arrived from doing the Camino de Santiago. They showed me pictures and explaining how rewarding it had been the experience for that person.

The dream

From that moment on, something started pushing inside me and an inner strength motivated me to do the Camino myself. During the trip back home I already made a firm decision on doing the Camino de Santiago.


The preparation

Said and done. I have always loved mountain biking and my intention was to do the journey using this mean of transport. I started searching on the internet like a madman, gathering all the information I could find. I dusted off my exercise bike and from the next day onwards I changed my daily nap for an hour of exercise. I printed all the information I found on the internet and bought some guides about the Camino to start planning my adventure.


 The first thing I learned is that an adventure of this nature cannot be started from one day to the next. It has to be planned. Thus, the first decision was to set a date for the realization of the dream: May 2006. From that moment, I had almost 8 months to prepare myself phisically and mentally.

With the information gathered, and in order to not wait until the last moment, I started preparing all I needed according to the recommendations of other bicycle pilgrims: clothing, first-aid kit, footwear, sleeping bag, etc.

The bicycle

With all the information available, I started to gradually acquire the necessary equipment for the adventure. The first conclusion I came to was that my old bicycle was in its last legs and could not bear the journey with all guarantees. Besides, it was not prepared to hitch the rack. Solution: “BICYCLE FOR SALE”. The best bicycle for my journey would be one with front suspension but rigid in the rear. A rigid bicycle is more suitable for carrying luggage, although a double suspension bicycle would also be good, but they are not recommended for the Camino de Santiago unless you already own one and it is not necessary to have a super-machine for this adventure. So, from what we have seen, we need to look for information and search our new fellow sufferer. With a budget of 600 € you can buy a bicycle more than worthy and sufficient.


 The training  

I normally made one day trips on the weekends through easy itineraries of about 60 km. But my objective was to go to the Camino de Santiago not to compete, but fitted enough to not suffer and be able to enjoy every moment of my journey. Because of that, my weekend outings became simulations of mountain pass ascensions and trial descents. I use my exercise bike for about one hour a day with a mileago of 20 to 30 km. I also stretched on my weekend outings trying to imitate the stages of the Camino.




My routes of Camino de Santiago

I managed to materialise my first dream and after that first time also came five more times, and I can confirm it has been totally worth it. You could say I have ‘transformed my life into an eternal Camino de Santiago‘ and that the Camino will stay within me forever. Now with all the information I have gathered and the knowledge I have gained with my own experience, I live every day with the memories of which has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. For me it is a pleasure and almost a necessity assisting anyone who needs help or advice on this wonderful trip. So please, you can consult me what you think is appropriate, I will try to answer all your questions from my modest knowledge.

Once I have explained how Bicigrino was born and where it is headed, with this article as presentation, in this section “Routes” you can find information of the different routes of Camino de Santiago. Usually I develop the website based on my own experience and the routes I have personally travelled through, for that reason some routes or alternative paths may be missing and the reason is precisely because I have not carried them out.

Even so, the main routes traversing the Iberian Peninsula and arriving in Santiago de Compostela are listed in this website: The French Way (Camino Francés), Vía de la Plata, the Northern Way (Camino del Norte), Camino Primitivo, Camino del Salvador, Camino Catalán

The intention at all times is to narrate my story and gather the necessary data to ease the work of those who dream on tavelling through the Camino in any of its variants.

Progressively I will be adding here each of the routes that I get to complete.

Currently, Bicigrino’s website is being updated daily with content and services designed to meet the needs of those who dream, are planning or are travelling through the Camino de Santiago by bicycle.

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