Accommodations Camino de Santiago

Intending to ensure a good rest at the end of the day and also a place prepared to store and care for your bike, at Bicigrino website (Camino de Santiago by bike) you will find a wide selection of accommodations distributed all over the different routes of Camino de Santiago.The accommodations that you can see in our directory have been personally selected by us and specially filtered to meet a series of conditions that facilitate your journey. Always from the personal perspective of having done Camino de Santiago on 6 occasions and through 6 different routes, with awareness and clear knowledge as to what are the specific needs of bike-pilgrims and what are the patterns and characteristics that an establishment must have for offering the service that the bike-pilgrim seeks and deserves.

The services of our lodges are extended and conditioned every year in order to adapt to the increasing needs of bicigrinos and make this project a reference in Camino de Santiago. Our proposals arise from the first person, direct knowledge of the peculiarities and needs of cyclists, and because of that, services are expanding progressively. This year we offer various services such as: bicycle rental, packing in hostels to facilitate transport, specific cyclist shops, mini-workshops for repair and maintenance of bicycles, etc.The directory is divided into two main categories:


– The hostel directory is based on BICIGRINO hostel network, which was born in this website and that you can see built into the site in the hostels section. Our network has already great prestige in Camino de Santiago.In Bicigrino hostels you can book in advance and ensure a place for you and your bicycle. Our hostels will guarantee booking in advance, bicycle storing for transportation and the tranquility that the bicycle is in a safe place.


HOTELS– Hotels and country houses are in the BICIGREEN network ( BICIGREEN network aims to provide Camino de Santiago of charming establishments that offer extra comfort for thoso who want to do the Camino staying at hotel establishments. The accommodations at BICIGREEN have benn personally selected by us in response to guidelines such as competitive pricing, the complicity of their owners with Bicigrino movement, the safety of the bicycles and the comfort for bicigrinos.


Now as a novelty you can consult both the hostel and hotel directories through mobile devices. If you access this website through an iPhone device during your journey, you will be able to see a version of the website specially designed for these devices with useful functions such as the possibility of calling to hostel directly to book your place or geolocation functions to guide you the closest establishment based on your position. Scan this bidi code with your iPhone and you will see the special version for those devices.