León Bike Rental

Bicigrino is the main provider of bicycles to complete the Camino de Santiago from León We send any bicycle from our fleet (MTB or Emtb) to any hostel, hostel or hotel in León so that you can start the Camino Frances from there.

Our main shipping points in León are:

Albergue San Francisco de Asís
C/ Alcalde Miguel Castaño 4
24005 León (León)
637 439 848 / 987 215 060

Hotel Alda Vía León
Calle el Paso, 5
24003 León
987 19 20 36

We can also send the bikes to this bike shop/workshop in León, where for an extra €10, they would store the bikes for you until your arrival and give them to you ready to go. You can also stop by in case your bikes need a repair:

Bicicletas Blanco
C/Teniente Andrés González, 1
24005 LEÓN
987 209 610

The French Way from León by bike is an ideal route for all those cyclists who have never done the Camino de Santiago and want to have their first experience on this route.

For any questions, please contact us through this telephone number: 972908727 or this email: tomas@bicigrino.com

Alquiler Bicicletas Camino de Santiago 2023



In collaboration with the prestigious bicycle brand CANNONDALE, through the virtual shop of the bicigrino, we offer you bicycles with all the guarantees to be able to complete the Camino de Santiago or any other cycling route.

The website of the bicigrino and the services that derive from it have been articulated from the point of view of my personal experience, having traveled the Camino 8 times. Everything learned along the way is now transferred here to the assembly and provision of the bicycles that are rented.

The bicycle rental service on the bicigrino website is aimed at facilitating the journey for those who decide to do it by bicycle and who, unable or unwilling to use their own, decide to opt for renting as a better option.

Renting a bike through this website You are not simply renting a bicycle to do the Camino de Santiago. The bicycles are modified and adapted to the particular needs of cycle tourism and especially the Camino de Santiago, among other details they are all equipped with semi-automatic pedals in order to ensure that they adapt to the needs of the largest number of users (those who prefer to go with sneakers of coves and those that do not). They all have extensions on the handlebars in order to ensure a correct ergonomic position of the hands during long days of pedalling. Gel covers are provided for the saddle to prevent chafing, and many other peculiarities that take care of every last detail so that what is rented more than covers the expectations of those who, with all the enthusiasm in the world, embark on the paths of the Camino de Santiago.

Next, a step-by-step video tutorial on how to reserve a Mountain Bike or an Electric Bicycle from our official website bicigrino.com

Around the bike rental there is a whole network of added services that will give you extra peace of mind on the road. The rental service is supported by the BICIGREEN hotel network and the BICIGRINOS hostel network. In addition, there is a wide network of mechanical workshops throughout the route in order to give you coverage at all times. You will only have to worry about going to the agreed point for collecting the bicycle, making your way and then after completing the challenge, taking the bicycle to the agreed point for delivery.

The rental price includes transportation to any point that you propose to start the road from any of its routes (the French road, the Portuguese road, the silver road, the north road, the primitive road) and the collection also in any place of the Spanish geography that you decide to finish the route (it is necessary to arrange with a bicycle shop the packaging of the bicycle, since without the bicycle being packed, it cannot be collected). You can even rent a bike if you wish to go on any multi-day cycle route you can think of.

For those who doubt the convenience or not to transport their own bicycle to the road and have to equip their bicycle with the necessary accessories, racks, panniers…, if they also have double suspension bicycles that require more complex and higher priced systems to be able to attach the luggage…, For this type of user, simply adding the costs of purchasing this material and transporting the bicycle, they will immediately come to the conclusion that renting is much more affordable and is much more comfortable than taking their own bicycle. From an approximate amount of 310 euros you can complete the entire path with a thoroughly equipped bicycle and with transport costs included in the price.

The bicycles we rent come equipped, among other things, with these accessories designed to provide you with peace of mind and guarantees on the road:

• Specific and pre-installed rack.

• Extensions on the handlebar to provide greater comfort on the road.

• Pair of ORTLIEB BACK ROLLER CITY saddlebags recommended on the bicycle rider’s website, waterproof, with click fastening system for easy putting on and taking off.

• Lock to keep the bike safe.

• Practical bag on the top bar ideal for carrying your camera or mobile phone (for example) on the road.

• Tool kit with cameras, patches, pump and multi-tool (with chain cutter) to solve any eventuality on the road.

• Grease and oil kit to lubricate the bike during the ride.

• Gel cover for the saddle to prevent chafing.

• “Bicigrino” bottle that you can take as a souvenir at the end of the trail.

• Valve adapter to put air for example in gas stations…


Well, we do have the great pleasure of informing you that at bicigrino we have already found the ideal bicycle to be able to do all-terrain cycling and with guarantees.  We have tested the bicycles personally doing the entire Camino de Santiago (French Way) from Roncesvalles and we have been able to complete stages of up to 80 km. with the autonomy provided by a battery and greatly enjoying the journey. 

Our electric bikes are all equipped with the new 4th generation Bosch motor and have a 625Wh battery so you don’t have to worry about autonomy. Book your bike now in our new booking engine with immediate availability.

We offer these bikes equipped exactly like we do regular MTB bikes. If you reserve it, you will receive the bicycle equipped with a rack, waterproof saddlebags, a tool kit, a road guide…, etc.  And of course all the assistance and logistics of Bicigrino en route services. 

The battery of these bicycles is removable and can be charged in any normal plug in a hotel or Similary.  With a battery charge you will have for assisted routes of up to 100 kms. 

– We think that those who rent this type of bicycle should do so with the intention of sightseeing and enjoying the tour without extra effort.

– We remind you that with this type of vehicle in the pilgrim’s office we will not be able to obtain the Compostela or diploma accrediting the Camino de Santiago.

– Our offer is designed to serve those who want to travel the Camino de Santiago or any other route in a tourist version.

You will be able to maintain average speeds of 20 km/h without any problem. This bicycle will allow you to travel any stage of the Camino de Santiago autonomously and enjoying the route at all times.

At Bicigrino we are official distributors “FOCUS, HAIBIKE, CANNONDALE” and we offer you MTB bikes tested on the road and with total confidence in efficiency.

We work with the latest technology and have a wide network of technical assistance in all routes.

You can see more information and book one of our e-bikes at the following link:


 The rental service is managed personally and directly, even though you can book directly through the VIRTUAL STORE before reserving a bicycle, we recommend contacting by e-mail at caminosantiagobike@gmail.com or if you consider it appropriate you can also call me at 627 92 82 13. The rental process requires direct and personalized management and it has been explained that we will not limit ourselves to renting you a bicycle but we will give you all the help and support necessary so that you can complete the route.