Camino de Santiago Portugues en bicicleta

camino portugues en bici

The Portuguese way has positioned itself as the second most important way after the French way for several reasons that we will try to list below.

On a tourist and gastronomic level, being able to travel by bicycle through a country other than Spain is very attractive, and that mixture of being able to travel through 2 different countries makes it very attractive.

An international cycle tour.

Its two main cities also make it very easy to arrive from any country in the world. Lisbon has excellent communication as the capital of the country and Porto with its international airport is also a very accessible destination for people who fly from distant countries.


LISBON, The city has a special charm, a magical atmosphere that is difficult to explain and that is well worth experiencing. Its narrow alleys, its unique atmosphere with the trams going up and down…, its hidden restaurants and little shops…, those unique and unrepeatable atmospheres that the so-called “City of Light” shows us.

It is the capital of Portugal and as the beginning of the Camino de Santiago by bicycle it offers the enormous advantage of allowing easy access on international flights from anywhere in the world. It is a great advantage compared to other paths because the pilgrim can directly arrive in Lisbon, stay, pick up the bicycle (IN BICIGRINO WE HAVE A DELIVERY SERVICE FOR OUR RENTAL BIKES WITH FREE TRANSPORTATION) and thus go pedaling without further delay.

Lisbon is also well connected by train or bus.

From Spain it can be easily reached via Madrid (for example) by rental car or by direct train.

The gastronomic and tourist offer of the capital of Portugal is impressive and it is advisable to go to this city with enough time before doing the route of the Camino de Santiago by bicycle along this Portuguese road, to fully enjoy it.

PORTO, another city further north in Portugal that also has an international airport.

For those who do not have much time to make the tour…, Porto is shown as an excellent option. In a relatively calm week, you could do the Camino de Santiago from Porto.

Communications are also excellent and the tourist attraction is of the first order.

A highly recommended and easy section of the road. In OPORTO we have a BICIGRINO rental bicycle delivery point and it will be super-simple for you to get to this city, pick up the bicycle prepared and ready and start right there your CAMINO DE SANTIAGO PORTUGUES along the one you prefer of the 2 variants that are present from this city.

Right in front of our bike rental delivery point (ask when you make your bike reservation on our site:, you can start the route of the PORTUGUESE ROAD BY THE COAST that continues up the riverbank and looking for the proximity of the sea and some beautiful promenades. …, or in the cathedral you can take the arrows that will take you along the route of the CENTRAL PORTUGUESE WAY.

The main attraction of this road is, as we have indicated, the access facilities of its main cities and starting points. We also highlight the great beauty and tourist interest of its cities. Impress on this tour the passage through the cities that will leave you impressed by their monuments, their historical past and their impressive tourist attraction. Beautiful cities such as the aforementioned LISBON, PORTO, but also no less beautiful and impressive COIMBRA, PONTE DE LIMA, BARCELOS…,

At BICIGRINO we have created a detailed guide on the Portuguese Way and we have thought it appropriate to develop it in the first instance along the coastal route that seems to us to be the most affordable and recommendable. This route is very beautiful and quiet as it goes through beautiful promenades and sea and beach landscapes. An excellent option for cycling.

Those who prefer the other option through the interior is also very well signposted and will also be able to do this route through beautiful cities and landscapes of crops and mountains.

In any case, at BICIGRINO.COM we have already deployed all our logistics for the bicycle rental service, transport of our own bicycles through our transport service and we can even recommend you for an organized trip and transport of luggage between stages (service for now only available from Porto).

The direct transport of luggage from the beginning of the route to the end (Santiago) if it is working throughout the route. See links below.

In the following links you can see the services that we can offer you on this tour:





*Direct transportation from any point to the end of the road, (not between stages).