Organized Camino de Santiago by bicycle

At Bicigrino we offer you all the accumulated experience on Jacobean routes and all our logistics regarding bicycle transportation, bicycle rental, hostel network, hotel network, bicycle workshops, support car, luggage transport, etc.

If you want and you need it we can organize your route, provide the bicycles, carry the luggage, book place at hostels and hotels or anything you consider opportune. You just have to contact us and we will organize your route basing on your needs or preferencies.

With this service we cover both people who face Camino de Santiago individually as well as groups or travel agencies.

We will do a thorough analysis on how your route and its stages should be, depending on your estimate time, route chosen and physical preparation. In base to this analysis we will send you the planning and all the needed information so you can do Camino de Santiago without any issues. The only aspects left for improvisation will be your enjoyment and the adventure. You do not have to worry about anything else as it will all be organized by us.

GUIDE SERVICE:   Everything you see in this website is the result of personal experience after traveling through Camino de Santiago in several occasions and through almost all the routes within Spain (French Way, Vía de la Plata, Northern Way, Camino PrimitivoCamino del Salvador, the extensions to Finisterre and Muxia). If you want and need it, we can accompany and guide you through the Camino. With this service we will not just accompany you, we will try to convey our deep knowledge on the route, the local cuisine, places you should not miss, etc. Definitely, we will not simply provide you with an itinerary, we will try to transmit you our enthusiasm for Camino de Santiago and make you part of the adventure. We also have a support car service for groups, which features luggage transportation on route and full time mechanical assistance.

GUIDEBOOK: We will provide you a guidebook containing directions on the Camino. You will have useful information specially adapted to your stages such as altimetry profiles, distances between towns, crossing points, accumulated distances, etc.

HOTELS: We have a network of hotels and country houses distributed along the Camino and what is more important, prepared to receive cyclists, as well as staff who are attentive and sensitive to the special needs of those doing Camino de Santiago using a bicycle. At the establishments affiliated to our BICIGREEN network, you can find a special treatment and a well deserved rest after a day of pedalling and enjoyment. We are active and pioneer in the creation of a seal of quality which ensures that the accommodation include services and special attention to supply the needs of cyclists and cycle touring.  

HOSTELS: If you want to do the Camino staying at hostels, in our hostel network you will find human and friendly service, and you will be able to interact more directly with pilgrims, feeling the Jacobean atmosphere in its purest essence.  

MECHANICAL WORKSHOPS: We have a wide network of workshops that will cover any mechanical eventuallity you may have through the route, and if you wish so we can also offer you an insurance policy (optional), contracted through MUSSAP, to provide you full assistance during the Camino. It includes full coverage in case of accident, illness or theft of the bicycle.

SUPPORT CAR: For groups and tour-operators we also offer a support car service, featuring route support and mechanical assistance during the whole route. We can accompany you through the Camino preventing you to have to load your luggage (this way you will not need saddlebags) and we will provide you assistance and guidance at all moment. You just have to worry about pedalling and enjoying Camino de Santiago and cycle touring. We will be your invisible companions and will be near in case you need us. 

BICYCLE AND LUGGAGE TRANSPORTATION:  If you wish so, we can send your luggage from the beginning of Camino to our shop in Santiago de Compostela, so that you can pick it up at the end of the route. If you need it, we can also transport the luggage to the end of your stage everyday so that you have everything ready at the hotel or hostel where you are staying that night.

And of course, also with our already known and prestigious bicycle transport service to the start of Camino and pick up at the end of the route, which we offer in collaboration with SEUR, we can transport your own bicycle to any destination if you wish so, in a range of 24 hours.

BICYCLE RENTAL:   We have a fleet of more than 80 high-end bicycles (manufactured by SPECIALIZED) which we renew every year. Our bicycles are specially chosen for optimum performance on Camino de Santiago and other long-distance cycling routes. Even the smallest detail has been taken into account. Our experience after doing Camino de Santiago personally six consecutive times has been taken into account for the equipment of our bicycles: ergonomic grips on the handlebars, semi-automatic pedals, gel saddle, waterproof saddlebags and other details that as mentioned above have been thoroughly chosen.

ELECTRICAL BICYCLES: We are distributors of the e-bike brand MOUSTACHE and have a wide network of workshops and authorized service centers through the whole Camino to fully cover these novel bicycles during the route. Our e-bikes, equipped with BOSCH engines, have a battery life of up to 80 km on the Camino and in our affiliated accommodations you will find charging points and permanent assistance.

So whether you are a person who wants to do the Camino or any other cycle touring route smoothly, a group of friends or even a TRAVEL AGENCY, you just have to contact us through this or if you prefer it through this phone number:

+34 627 928 213 and we will guide you on how we can adapt to your needs and plan your Camino de Santiago or any other cycle touring route.

The website of CAMINO DE SANTIAGO BY BICYCLE ( puts at your disposal all its experience, infrastructure, logistics and knowledge to ease your Camino de Santiago as much as possible.

We can provide FLEXIBILITY and deep knowledge on the Camino. We will adapt to your needs and plan your route adapting it to your preferences. You could say that we will prepare your custom Camino de Santiago.