Stage 3. Golega – Ansiao

Golega – Ansiao

76,44 Kms

If we have slept in the suggested accommodation in GOLEGA (QUINTA DOS ALAMOS), we will have to leave the farm and when we get to the road, turn right towards GOLEGA, continue along the same road and cross the city passing 2 roundabouts and to the 3rd roundabout that we find pay close attention, because there we will already find our beloved arrows that will make us turn left. (about 3 kms from Quinta dos Alamos).

A hard and long stage of MOUNTAIN begins .., this could be said to be a hard stage that will make us sweat very nicely to reach the end.

We started the stage on asphalt in the direction of SAO CAETANO and QUINTA DE CARDIGA, and we started to climb a slight but constant slope .., PEDREGOSO, MOITA DE NORTE, ATALAIA .., the concentrations of houses follow one another and we continue advancing through an urban and residential area.

After ATALAIA we enter forest tracks and soon we will arrive at a difficult area with steep slopes. Through eucalyptus forests and forest farms we will find hard climbs that will make us pay attention as there are some ramps with mud and stones. Also pay close attention as crossroads can be confusing and if we get lost we will end up on the road (perhaps someone prefers that option). We will pass in front of a waste treatment center and immediately take another hard climb that runs parallel to a power line .., at the top we turn left and we already find the first houses of a civilized place, The village of GROU .

From here already on asphalt we descend towards ASSEICEIRA. In this town there is a small motorcycle and bicycle workshop for those who need it:

Moto2tshop Asseiceira


2305-101 Take

(+351) 962 948 753 (Pardal)

We are already in the outskirts of TOMAR and little by little we are getting closer to this city …

At this point we will go through the N110 road and taking care not to miss the road signs (we are not always going to go down this road) we go past a roundabout that bypasses the train tracks to the industrial area from TOMAR. Already with the industrial warehouses in sight, attention as the official path soon leads us to the right along a gently sloping dirt track (we will have the train tracks on our right). We walk for about 2 kms along this track until we reach small nuclei of scattered houses; CASAL MARMELO, CASAL DA ROSA, CASAL DAS BERNARDAS, ALTO DO PIOLHINHO and with the train station nearby (on our left) we enter the first streets of TOMAR.

TOMAR (km 32 of the stage) is a great city with many crossings, avenues, and crowds of people .., we will have to be careful not to miss the signs and cross the city without getting lost.

At the exit of the city there are two possibilities, one marked with a sun (not recommended for cyclists which is our case) and one marked with a cloud that is the one we should follow (the variant on the right). Both variants converge on the medieval PENICHE bridge.

The path will circulate sandwiched between mountains along the banks of a river that we will have on our left and ascending on a dirt road (clay soil, careful danger for bicycles if it rains through the mud), up to CASAIS (km 8 from Tomar) where we will continue to climb but at least it will be on asphalt. This section is very mountainous and partly hard. In the beginning we will be in a forest area and as we ascend the landscape will be cultivated with olive groves.

At CASAIS the road is already tamed a bit and it gets a little more comfortable for the bicycle ride. We will continue to climb, but now the firm asphalt will help us get a more or less comfortable pace to advance without so much difficulty.

We will pass through the village of SOIANDA and we will head straight for CALVINOS, which being located on a hillock of course, we will access this town uphill.

The route continues along an asphalt and gravel track between pine forests towards CHAO DAS EIRAS where there are several sources to be able to get water. The path here runs through a small valley populated by olive groves and fig trees. A dirt track after this point leads us to PONTE DE CERAS.

Be careful around this area, we will have to cross the national highway at a dangerous point and without much visibility.

After passing the road along a forest and wooded path, we will turn left to face a hard climb through a eucalyptus forest. So after this hard slope we will reach the village of ESPANHA and then down the VILA VERDE by asphalt, a place that lives up to its name for its large number of orchards and fruit trees throughout the population.

We will find some rest in this area when rolling through a somewhat more favorable area and facing CORTIÇA (km 57 of the stage) where we will face uphill again towards ALVAIÁZERE which is the prelude to the hardest climb in the whole stage and it has to take us to some high hills with views of ANSIAO and ending the suffering of such a hard and mountainous stage.

In ALVAIÁZERE it is recommended to stop to regain strength and stock up in a small bar next to the road, we are going to need it, a hard climb of 4 kms will make us sweat very nicely .., small village of LARANJEIRAS where we find to our satisfaction a dizzying descent to VENDA DO NEGRO which we will access via a dirt track.

Courage we are facing the last climbs, now on asphalt we will pass through the small villages of GRAMATINHA, CASAIS MADUROS and on a high with some houses and narrow alleys that we will cross where we will already have a panoramic view of a wide valley and therefore of our long-awaited destiny “ANSIAO”.

Be careful, be very careful with the descent, forest tracks with a lot of loose stone and with care diminished by fatigue, there is danger of a fall or overconfidence.

It was a tough stage and we will have earned a good rest in an excellent option for rest.


Reflection on the Stage

Very hard and demanding stage.

Medium mountain, confusing paths, crossings, and a long route.

It is advisable to leave prepared and psyched for a mountain stage with many climbs.

Those who do not want to demand too much can look for the possibility of stopping in ALVAIÁZERE and thus shorten the mileage a bit (Km 64 of the stage).

In ALVAIÁZERE you have these accommodation possibilities:


Accommodation in Ansiao and Alvaiázere 

AnsiturismoAlojamiento & SPA
Residencial Nova Estrela
Residencial O Bras

Bike Shops 

2305-101 Tomar, Portugal
Tel: +351 962 948 753 (Pardal)
Av. Norton de Matos, 6
Tomar, Portugal
Tel: +351 249 327 073
Ultra Pedal
Rua de Coimbra, nº 41
Tomar, 2300, Portugal
Tel: +351 249 092 799
Hay una pequeña tienda de motos y bicicletas en el centro del pueblo (al lado del cementerio)