Equipment list Camino de Santiago by bicycle

How to understand this list

Do not take the equipment list literally. All the items below are listed here only with the intention to help those planning the Camino de Santiago and that are deciding what to carry. Evidently it is not a shopping list and you do not have to carry everything. For that reason I have breaked it into OBLIGATORY // NECESSARY // RECOMMENDED . The purpose of this list is that each person can know what is needed and what is not, what you may need eventually, what can be useful, and of course what is essential. The equipment required can vary greatly depending if you are doing the Camino in winter or in summer and if you travel alone or in group for example. All that can influence the list of things needed and so it is very difficult to find a single list that suits everyone and all circumstances.

Have in mind that traveling through Camino de Santiago is not like going into the desert and that anything you can buy in a store is not worth hauling for hundreds of miles "just in case". If you have a headache it is as easy as stopping at a pharmacy to buy an aspirin and if you run out of batteries for the GPS device, you can buy them in the next town (on the French Way there are towns practically every ten kilometers).

Therefore, this is a list to consider everything, to refresh your memory, to give ideas but in no case to carry everything.




O (Obligatory) N (Necessary) R (Recommended)


BICYCLE Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Bicycle Better if rigid with front suspension Koga MiyataTreck, Scott, Orbea   X    

Bicycle tires

Mixed tire trail / asphalt

The best option is Schwalbe with

con anti-puncture

Schwalbe Smart Sam and

Schwalbe Marathon

Gearbox   Shimano XT / LX   X    
Brakes   Shimano   X    
Saddle Brooks saddles are eternal Brooks, Selle Royal   X    

Pedals with cleats

Mixed pedals also exist

They have platform in one side and cleat in the other




bici transmision1


BICYCLE EQUIPMENT Observations Recommended brands Num O N R

Rear Saddlebags

The best option is ORTLIEB BACK ROLLER CLASSIC. Ortlieb, Massi, Topeak, Goka, Carradice.   X    
Handlebar bag   Ortlieb, Massi, Topeak, Goka, Carradice.     X
Front Saddlebags    Ortlieb, Massi, Topeak, Goka, Carradice.      
Camelback   Serval, Camelback      
Map holder

Better if waterproof

Ortlieb,  Zefal       X
Triangular toolholder

Another option is a bag under the saddle

Topeak       X
Bungee cord

With flat multi-cords

  2 X  

Rear rack

Also available for full suspension bikes

Tubus, Old Man Mountain, Topeak, Massi.   X    

Front rack

For long journeys (more than 1000 km) through asphalted road Tubus.        

Waterproof cover for saddlebags

Not needed on ORTLIEB saddlebags as they are waterproof.

Grocery bags attached with bungee cords will also do the job

Topeak   X    
Bicycle lock

Better with password locking system

Ifan 2 X    
Speedometer   Cateye Sigma    
Pulsimeter   Suunto      
Inflator   Topeak.   X    
Front and rear lights

Very useful at the first and last hours of the stage

Cateye, Topeak       X
Bicycle can

Better big than small, carry 2 if possible

Zefal 2   X  


alforjas sillin velocimetro


FOOTWEAR Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Cycling shoes (with cleats)

Shoes with cleats but at the same time with sole for walking

Nortwave , Shimano   X    
Gore Tex boots (with cleats)

For winter, they will protect our feet from cold and water

Nortwave       X
Sandals / comfortable shoes

So relaxing after a long day of pedaling...

 Merrell, Coronel Tapioca       X
Shower slippers

If you do not want to have athlete's foot the first day..

Aqua     X  
Rain ankle boots

Recommended in winter

Etxeondo       X


maillot maillot_trasero calzado


CLOTHING Observations Recommended brands Num O N R

Short culottes

It is recommended to wear one that has a good chamois even it may be more expensive. BICIGRINO's equipment has a unique gel chamois, specially designed to prevent chafing and discomfort. Bicigrino gear 1 or 2 X    
Long culottes

In winter and spring.

Bicigrino gear 1 X    

Short sleeve jersey with zipper

With the unique BICIGRINO design, you can wear two different models that will identify you as BICIGRINOS, and you will have a great souvenir after your Camino de Santiago.

Bicigrino gear 1 or 2     X
Anti-sweat shirt Breathable   1      
Long sleeve jersey

In winter and spring

Bicigrino gear 1 X    
Sweatshirt or fleece

In winter and spring the equivalent of a Polartec 200

The north face 1   X  
Wind Tex jacket

With BICIGRINO unique design, you can also find Windtex jackets providing unbeatable protection against rain and cold.

Bicigrino gear 1     X
Waterproof trousers

In winter and spring

Decathlon 1   X  
Comfortable cotton t-shirt


  1 or 2   X  
Comfortable shorts / bermuda shorts


Columbia 1 X    



Better if made of lifa because they dry superfast, wash on afternoon and will be dry by morning

  2 or 3 X    


Goka, Mund, Spiuk 3 X    
Plastic bags  

To keep clothes in the saddlebags.

Better if they do not make noise to avoid disturbing.

Food storage bags with drawtape are very helpful.

  4 X    
Balaclava / neck scarf

Very useful on downhill in the early hours of the day.

  1   X  
Cap / Hat

Very usefull in summer

Cycling gloves   Goka, Spiuk, Decathlon 1 X    
Winter cycling gloves   Goka, Spiuk, Decathlon 1 X    

It is your bodywork

Giro, specialized, Catlike 1 X    

For the sun, mosquitoes and wind

Spiuk, Catlike     X  


casco gafas guante


SLEEPING Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Ultralight sleeping-bag with compression bag and plastic case.

The plastic case is to protect it from rain.

Serval, lafuma   X    
Bottom sheet, adaptable with elastic.

For single bed

Sheet sleeping bag

If you want to save the weight and volume of the sleeping bag.

If you sleep in bunk.

In spring and summer it is enough.

Serval, lafuma       X

Strongly recommended


For a nap on the lawn or sleep in the hostel if it is full.

Serval,     X




EATING Observations Recommended brands Num O N R

Steel or plastic cup






Utility knife or standard knife

To make sandwiches

Victorinox       X




ACCESORIES Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Flashlight and spare batteries         X  
Hygiene kit


Sports towel

Small size and high absorption

Decathlon   X    
Small scissors

Some utility knifes include them

  1     X
Nail Clipper         X  
Detergent (tube)

Really small (similar size toothpaste tube), very convenient.

      X X
Clothespin clamps     4   X  
Toilet paper or kleenex       X    
Wipes           X




TOOLS AND SPARES Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Chain Tool


Topeak 1 X    
Oil (liquid and spray)     1+1 X    
Spare inner tubes     2 X    
Film roll Probably not necessary nowadays        


Patch kits and Glue    





Surely you will find something to hold, very practical.



Tire levers    


Spare chain or chain links          


Bike multitool   Topeak 1   X  
Spare screws and washers

Especially the rack ones, they get lost easily.

Safety pins (clips)     4    


Spokes     4    


Spoke wrench

Some bike multitools have it



Duct tape     1    


Small wrench     1   X  
Slotted / Philips screwdriver

Included in most multitools, but I prefer to carry the conventional ones as well.



Allen wrenches

Usually included in our multi-tool




cadena multih troncha


MISCELLANY Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
ID card or passport       X    
Federation card   Federación española ciclismo      


Social security card       X    
Driving license

Just in case, maybe the circumstances make you rent a car

Credit card           X
Money (minimum for food and sleep per day)     25 € X    
Guide on Camino de Santiago

Anaya, Everest, El Pais-Aguilar


Guide by Antón Pombo / / other guides

University Jacobean Credential

With university credential, regular credential is not required     X  
Pilgrim Credential

The priest of my parish gave me my credential.

Bicigrino   X    
Return plane ticket

Depending on the dates it is enough to book four days before arriving in Santiago.

Iberia,  Vueling       X
Alarm clock or wristwatch with alarm

I use the phone alarm


Anti-snoring remedy

  2 X    
Roadmap of Camino de Santiago

Very useful if you make some road stretches or combine paths with roads

Camino Santiago map      


Mobile phone with charger          


Plug-adaptor with multiple entries

Those who are not European must bring a converter to use the plugs.



Card for telephone booths            
GPS device

Only needed in Vía de la Plata and Northern Way

Garmin E.Trex, vista HCX        
Whistle or bell

To warn pilgrims on foot about our arrival



Shell of Santiago

Symbol of our pilgrim status




To leave it at the iron cross



Camera, memory card and battery charger

Obviously you will not miss an opportunity like this without immortalize it.

Canon, Nikon      


Fanny Bag

I use it to carry the camera, money and documents




Place them in the saddlebags at night and if they move ...



Latex gloves

For example if you have a breakdown they can be useul for not getting your hands dirty of grease.

  4     X
Pen, pencil and notepad

To take notes of the trip




credencial guia camara ladron


ENERGY PRODUCTS Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Energy bars

To prevent collapses and be strong all day

Decathlon 2-3 per day    


Isotonic drink or powdered drink

A fantastic invention to mix with the water and prevent soreness.

Isostar 2-3 per day    


Glucose ampoules

If you get collapsed, this will replenish you in a moment.

  5-6     X
Infisport ND3 powder

Best to withstand long journeys: it works wonders!

Infisport ND3      





FIRST AID KIT Observations Recommended brands Num O N R
Aspirine General pain Bayer       X
Fortasec For diarrhea         X
Fastum gel, Reflex For muscle aches         X
Strepsils, Lizipaina For throat aches         X

Antihistamines (pills and lotion)

For people with allergies         X
Surgical tape           X
Sticking-plasters           X
Gauzes           X
Sun-tan lotion         X  
Aftersun         X  
Lip lotion           X
Vaseline tube (chafing)         X  
Povidone-iodine To clean and disinfect wounds       X  
Alcohol           X
Hydrogen peroxide           X


botiquin Aspirina


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