Sant Jean Pied de Port – Zubiri

SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT – ZUBIRI           (52,86  Km.)

Average speed: 8,97 Km./h.

Maximum speed: 61,60 Km./h.

Total kilometres: 52,86

Total time: 5:53 h.

The last day before departure There is only 1 day left before the start of the trip… It is curious the feeling that is felt now when the start is so close, between respect, fear and concern. After so many months of preparation, training, illusion, enthusiasm, impatience.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

The first day. This is agsome; the first day and the difficulties are beginning. To write this I took an hour; This is the weirdest keyboard I’ve ever seen.
if there is any misspelling, sori .. this more than the forecasts; is beautiful; When my friend Andres left, I almost cried with emotion. This is full of pilgrims, older people, what an environment::::: it’s impressive:. I’m shit; What a piece of mountains that can be seen from here. Today I won’t go into much detail, I don’t know where the keys are: I promise more::: Thank you, we appreciate followers.

now I say goodbye according to the keyboard are you going to find out:? much thanks for following, and colleagues;;;; I hope that this tripp aue and, piewo with tqntq illusion cu, plq, is expectqtivqs; ,qmqnq ,qs:::

Lunes, 15 de mayo de 2006

Reality far exceeds fiction, what we have seen today cannot be written or photographed, it is impressive !!!!!!

What a piece of storm that is falling here now… luckily I’m already indoors.

From what was said before (below) we must add that I thought I was done and that the stage had finished…. (and hell…) there was no room in Roncesvalles and we had to do 27 km more, It’s been the milk… we’ve gotten into the body a total of 55 km since this morning.

With two other stops in case we did not have enough… the Mezquiriz stop and the Erro stop and as we are purists (by the original path) no road… in the end we have arrived at Zubiri half dead and we have been lucky enough to find a place in the hostel,,, in addition the very nice manager of the hostel, has left us a special place for us, so that we can store the bicycles.

I just got the pilgrim’s menu, macaroni with tomato, lean pork in piperrada and a flan, all washed down with a pitcher of milk beer….

Now I’m about to go to sleep… I’m exhausted (literally) but today’s stage was worth it… especially the impressive climb of SAnt Jean Pied de Port and the rosary of pilgrims who climbed and well everything… spectacular landscapes, sheep, eagles… big cows… the photos are beautiful.

With what I had planned from Sant Jean to Roncesvalles I was already exhausted, so now with the extra kilometers. I’m extra-busted, good night and go to sleep….WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I’VE RUN OUT OF THE RONCESVALLES PILGRIM MASS….which was what I was thinking of doing when I wrote the message below.


To begin with, I will tell you that in yesterday’s writing I could not extend much, since the keyboard was not Spanish and I had a hard time writing 2 words in a row.

The best thing about the Camino de Santiago is the people you meet… Yesterday I shared a room with a 70-year-old Australian lady who had been walking from Puy. I will remember her character and friendliness for a long time. There was also a boy from Costa Rica that had to be seen, he came with a super-charged backpack and was giving away everything that was left over to the people, he had nothing prepared and no guides or anything… bareback… quite a character too


In my life I have seen a climb like this… it was super-strong, I had to get off the bike in many pieces…. My friend Fran and I have been the only ones who have climbed by bike, all the Others who had bicycles (and there were many) have gone up the main road, (we took the original path). All that can be said is little, I could not climb it even on foot… but the landscape and the people who have shared the climb with me have made it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Everyone cheered us on. At one point when I was lying under a tree, a Brazilian pilgrim came up to me and gave me a little box of sugar from her country mixed with honey… it gave me the strength to continue. These people who selflessly give you what they carry are THE ANGELS OF THE ROAD, there is a lot and you find them at every turn.

The landscape is impressive, all green full of sheep and cows, a nature of incredible beauty and greenery…. We left Sant Jean at 8 in the morning and arrived at Roncesvalles at 2:00 p.m. pal body a very cold beer and a sandwich of chistorra, because of eating typical things..

Now I’m waiting for the hostel to open and in the afternoon we’ll go to the Roncesvalles pilgrim mass, quite an event. I’ll leave you until tomorrow… when we’ll do the Roncesvalles-Puente la Reina stage (in Logroño). See you.. .