Transport of bicycles to Saint Jean Pied de Port

Now as a novelty you can transport your bicycle directly to SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT. A new service is born in response to the needs of bike-pilgrims. Transporting your bicycle to France is not an issue anymore. Until now the prices for transportation to Saint Jean Pied de Port and the logistics involved in it were too complicated because it is considered an international transport and we were forced to leave the bicycles at RONCESVALLES, only 30 km away from the french border.

Thus, our services have adapted thanks to the deep knowledge on what is needed to organise the Camino and what bike-pilgrims demand when planning the start of their dreamed-about route.

Many customers have asked us for this service and now we can finally offer it!!

So now you can send your bicycle easily and coordinately through BICIGRINO and SEUR. You can send your bicycle from home directly to a hostel or accommodation in the french village of SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT or, if you prefer it, to VALCARLOS.

During the summer months there is a direct bus from Pamplona to Saint Jean and in combination with our bicycle transport service it becomes the perfect way to organise your start of the French Way.

You can hire this new service at Bicigrino online shop:

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