Stage 1 Northern Way – Irún – Zumaia


Height, minimum: 0 m, maximum: 319 m

Accumulated height difference, in ascent: 1.380 m, in descent: 1.376 m

Stage kilometers: 78,52

Stage time: 6:26:11

Average speed: 12,19 km/h

Maximum speed: 51,22 km/h

Total kilometers: 78,52

Total time: 6:26:11

Now it is possible to send our bike through transport agency to a hostel in the beginning of Camino, while we get to Irun and settle quietly to begin our bike-pilgrimaje without any kind of problem.

So if it is our desire, in the new hostel called CAPITAN TXIMISTA (Opened in 2010) we can calmly begin our journey on the Northern Way.

Once installed and ready, we can go to Santiago international bridge, along the river Bidasoa, natural border that separates Spain from France and which is our kilometer zero. The first pedalling will be good for having a ride through Irun and going in search of the road towards the airport, which will get us to the foothills of Mount Jaizkibel. A couple of kilometers from there we find an arrow that leads us away to the right and puts us in a sort of park between reeds, wetlands and boardwalks. From there we access a little road which already starts to rise, and takes us in front of the shrine of Santiago, a good introduction to our trip. Just after the chapel we enter to some dirt tracks in a very steep climb and with rugged terrain that lead us towards the shrine of Guadalupe, where we will be able to admire a stunning view of the mouth of Bidasoa, Irun and Hendaye from its viewpoint.

Right next to the chapel the arrows indicate a detour that leads us to a track next to a forest house, which runs through the side of the mountain with beautiful views of the valley. We continue this funny way through the side of Mount Jaizkibel up to the road connecting the town of Pasajes with Jaizkibel. Near the end we find a fountain with numerous shells embedded. We continue along the track until reaching a road. We ascend through it to get to a curve, and from there we turn left to continue along a country road taht finally descends and comes to some narrow and twisted stairs that besides providing a beautiful view lead us in a short time to the town of Pasajes de San Juan.

To cross the harbor mouth we will need the help of a boat that is constantly moving from side to side. Thus we are in Pasajes de San Pedro.

From here we already sense the proximity of San Sebastián and through urban areas and roads we enter San Sebastian along the beach of Gros and always stuck to the sea we begins a pleasant ride with beautiful views that will make us go across San Sebastian passing through the bridge of Kursal, the new avenue and, after going down some metal stairs, we reach the harbor and face the beautiful bay of La Concha. To our left we have the old part of the city, where we can visit the typical bars of pinchos and taste this delicious dishes together with a good Xacolí.

We cross the whole Paseo de la Concha and at the end we can visit the famous Comb of the Winds where again we can enjoy taking some nice photos.

From there we leave the pleasant ride to face the rise of Mount Igueldo, where we will get by first climbing through a little road going up an urbanization and then accessing a sort of park that through unpaved paths with steep climbs leads us to the top, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the theme park that is at the top of the mountain.

From there the arrows lead us to a residential area where we find a curious technical stop in the middle of a street where we are offered water and the possibility of a seal in our credentials. It is also comforting to know that there are only 795 km from there to Santiago.

Soon we take a nice and funny path that runs parallel to the sea, providing us with spectacular and green views of the sea and farmhouses with sheep grazing calmly by the sea. The scenery is like a postcard and one of the most beautiful of this entire journey that will lead us to Santiago.

Following this path we will have to pass through several gates where hopefully we can see some horse grazing and we will pass by a beautiful corner crossed by a flood that has a fountain where we can fill our bottles.

We pass by the shrine of San Martín de Tours, and we enter the beautiful town of Orio. Towards the mouth of the estuary of Orio we access to a track that climbs to the campsite located in Talaimendi.

The trail leads to the top of a hill from where we can admire the beautiful town of Zarautz and we can also see the full extent of a huge golf field located next to the beach, that in my opinion spoils the environment. We descend to Zarautz through a road and after a little stroll we pass just ahead of the restaurant and inn of the famous chef Carlos Arguiñano and from there we go to the promenade that will leisurely get us out of this town visiting its beautiful beach.

At the end of the beach we take a road which, always near the sea, leads us to the beautiful village of Guetaria, where we can visit a beautiful fortress that from his vantage point provides a prime location for some beautiful pictures.

Guetaria is abandoned by a steep, cobbled hill that we take just in front of the fortress and to our left.

This paved trail runs along some green hills constantly up and down and finally leads us to an area of little paved roads and local paths that will approach us to our destination at this stage, Zumaia, which we see from a high promontory, and from this privileged position we can also admire a beautiful view of the town, its port (looking forward) and some beautiful cliffs (on our right).

In Zumaia we can find a hostel for pilgrims, called VILLA LUZ, in this shelter everything is set up to receive us and our bicycles.


C/ Julio Beovide, 3

20750 Zumaia

+34 943 862 747 // +34 657 708 852

For those who want something more exclusive and certain amenities there is the possibility of going to a cozy country house. To access the country house JESUSKOA we have to turn onto a road about 3 km along the GI-3760, that runs parallel to the river, and towards Zarautz. There we will be attended by Ana and her son that will provide us a cozy treatment and we will get a special price for “bicigrinos” (bike-pilgrims). It is advisable to call before getting there to ensure a place and concrete the price.

The country house JESUSKOA is located in the valley of Urola in the neighbourhood of Oikina (Zumaia), 3 km away from Zumaia, 5 km away from Zarautz and 5 km from Getaria.

“Jesuskoa Landetxea” Oikina Auzoa 20750 Zumaia (Gipuzkoa)

Phone: +34 635 758 849