Stage 1, Seville - Almaden de la Plata



(69,51 Km)

Accumulated height difference in ascent: 1.097,8 m.

Accumulated height difference in descent: 669,3 m

Maximum height: 551,20 m.

Minimum height: 2,2 m.














Leaving from the cathedral we go to the right in Constitución avenue for about 100 meters, then turn left on G. de Vinuesa street going back over a few tens of meters to twist below Jimios street. We drive along Zaragoza street and when it leads to Reyes Católicos street, turn left to the Triana bridge to cross Altozano square. Having surpassed the Triana Market turn right on San Jorge street. The path continues in Castilla street, leaving the Chapel of Cachorro to the right and we will get to some stairs that have to be climbed.

Having reached the summit of the stairs we get to the road going to Huelva. We cross the road and following Carlos III avenue we pass through the upper ring road to reach the truck parking that is down there. We pass the truck parking and head towards the bridge that crosses Guadalquivir river. In this section two itineraries are proposed, which come together at Santiponce:

- 1st: Passing through Camas

- 2nd: Go directly to Santiponce avoiding Camas.


Itinerary that passes through Camas: at the exit of the bridge go straight on to get to Camas by a pedestrian avenue within which we take right onto the main street. We pass in front of City Hall and the parish church and straight forward we go to a roundabout that crosses the street to get us into an industrial zone. At the end of the industrial zone we reach the entry of Santiponce, where this route merges with the other alternative to become one.


Shortened itinerary that gets directly to Santiponce: at the exit of the bridge turn right to an earth track. We pass under the four-lane highway SE-30 then in front of the entrance to a farm (Cortijo Gambogaz) located on the left and then under the railway. The track is tarred on its final and leads to a roundabout. Cross the roundabout to go to the low level crossing and get to the N-630. The road climbs about a hundred meters to reach the road to Camas and join the previous itinerary. Turn right to enter Santiponce. San Isidoro del Campo is seen on the right. The passage of the village is by its main road. When leaving the village information boards indicate that the Roman ruins of Italica are next on the left (visits from 10h to 18h except Monday). When you continue the Camino you will get to a roundabout.


At this roundabout we take right to the N-630, which is crossed to continue towards Algaba about several hundred meters and then we get to the left over a path targeting a large eucalyptus. At the foot of the eucalyptus there is an abandoned bridge. In this section there are two possibilities, going straight (this is an alternative), or turning right, which is the official layout. The two route itineraries meet at Guillena. The alternative track is straight and about 8 km long. It is intersected by a ford that must be crossed ..... (caution!! Sometimes it has a lot of water and you will have to remove your shoes to cross it). The path to the right is a wide track that after bordering Rivera de Huelva river meets the earlier path by a perpendicular runway.

We leave Guillena by the road to Burguillos. We start from the city center. After passing a bridge over Rivera of Huelva we will get to a roundabout at the level of "Venta Casa Pradera". At the roundabout we turn left into an agricultural area where you will find signage that directs us to a local road.

This stretch is sandwiched between fences bordering fields of olive trees and orange trees, and the path now goes through undulating terrain and continues its course through large crop fields and meadows populated by wild rabbits and partridge broods. We will find side entrances that we must leave as we found them after passing, ie open if they were open or closed if they were closed. After crossing a large farm with cattle, we will get into a road that connects Burguillos with Castilblanco de los Arroyos.

We pedal between cork oaks and holms and after a rise we sight the first houses of Castilblanco de los Arroyos. After leaving behind the Hotel Castillo Blanco, we enter the town.


In Castilblanco the hostel is located the right upon entering the village, you have to ask for the key at the service station located just before this hostel. It can accommodate about twenty people in two separate bedrooms.

There are some restaurants near the church, where you can have lunch or dinner, such as Isidoro, specialized on pork (10 and 11€).

Town Hall: +34 954 734 811

Hotel Castillo Blanco: +34 954 736 400 double room for 50 €

The exit of Castilblanco is on the road to Almaden de la Plata. Before embarking on the path, it is necessary to stock up with water and food because there is no possibility of doing so during the course of this stretch.

We move on asphalt for about 16 Km before reaching the gate of the forest park "El Berrocal". Here we are offered two possibilities:

1 – Keep going through the road to Almaden de la Plata.

2 – Cross the forest park.

It is recommended to go through the inside of the forest park (if you find it open) as the place deserves it. We reach the forest home, pass the gate and continue over the track between theoaks. After crossing some fords, we pass a small lake, a small bridge and at the level of a column we turn left and continue to the end of the park. We leave the park across two wicket doors. The trail continues on sloping curve and we go straight up to an orientation table. From there you have a beautiful view of the path that you have just done

We are on Monte del Calvario. The slope to get to Almaden del Plata is short but very steep.


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