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In 1997, in San Andrés Itzapa in Guatemala, Maya Pedal Association began recycling scraps of bicycles into Bicimáquinas.

Bicimáquinas are pedal-powered blenders, washing machines and threshing machines, eliminating the need for fuel and electricity. Pumps are also possible, and are capable of extracting 30 liters of water per minute from 30-meter deep wells (electronic pumps reach just to 12 meters).

The idea of these ingenious contraptions emerged from the desire to help the farming families of the San Andrés community. The issue that gave rise to Maya Pedal was the expense and shortage of electricity and fuel in the village.

Carlos and Cesar, creators of Maya Pedal, have achieved an extraordinary result: a worthy project that does not pollute and is extremely fascinating in its involvement of volunteers from around the world who are building a fantastic pedal revolution.

Matteo de Mayda - Photos and Videos
Pablo Pastor - Video Editing
Jhon William Castaño Montoya - Music

Darío Plée - Art Direction
Fabio Fedrigo - Creative Direction
Matteo Pacagnella - SR responsable

Thanks to volunteers 
Anna Normandin, Bruce Thomas, Carlos Marroquin Junior, David Anhalt, Emily Linders, Gavin Betzelberger, Henry Jake Foreman, Joey Binhammer, Matthias Weiss, Paul Joseph Park, Ryan Stimac, Tzippora Rhodes, Vincent Levy and to the Neighbour Basilio Chiriz Matias

A special thanks to 
Aña Maria Guch - President of "Women for Development in Action", Carlos  Enrique Marroquin - Head of Maya Pedal, César Rubelcy Molina Zamora - President of Maya Pedal

And thanks to all the San Andres Itzapa Community for the smiles and kindness.

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