Cicloturismo / 3943 Views

This is a non-professional collage of cycling takes from a trip in South America.

My girlfriend and I crossed the continent in 8 months, pedalling and filming for the 13 episodes documentary "Going South" from deepeei film productions ( "Going South" has been broadcasted by AVRO TV in the Netherlands (, and aimes to raise awareness on climate change and other environmental issues, while also showing the cycling journey of two pairs of cyclists from Alaska to Panama, and from Colombia to Ushuaia.

We filmed all those images, a hard work that took us much precious time that we could have used better :( . With this video we try to justify that effort to ourselves....This is my first attempt ever to edit a video, so it cannot compare with the original series. However we have picked some of the best cycling takes we filmed, to share with friends and family some of the best moments of the trip. We hope it can inspire you to cycle (more).

It is dedicated to the people that so often hosted and helped us in South America.

Asa Brandhill & Javier Godar