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Dreaming of a bike tour? The Bike Touring Survival Guide will help. We wrote this book, based on our 60,000km of cycling experience (including a round-the-world bicycle trip). We also included the stories, tips and photos of 50 other bike tourists.

What's Inside? Lots of things!

-Getting Ready (packing, planning, finding a route)
-Daily Logistics (navigating, sleeping, eating)
-The People You Meet (weird questions people ask, accepting hospitality)
-Staying Connected (staying in touch, gadgets, electricity, internet)
-Challenges (dogs, traffic, bad weather, staying healthy)
-Far Away Places (visas, vaccinations, safety, bribes and bargaining)
-Coming Home (readjustment, getting a job again)
-Bike & Gear Tips (caring for your bike, tent, stove, sleeping mat, etc)
-Resources (packing list, recommended equipment)

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