Stage 6, Hontanas – Lédigos

From Hontanas we move through a dirt road in a valley of cereals, which separates us from the wilderness of Burgos slowly and then we take a small local road without much traffic that almost without realizing it presents us and passes literally under a large arch in the imposing ruins of a magical place, the convent of San Antón, where recently has been built an austere and modest hostel for 16 people with very few facilities.

From here our steps or better said our bikes pass through the same road and a short distance from there we get to Castrojeriz, which is visible from afar. Here the mountain pass of Mostelares (also called matamulos) is already sensed, and the curiosity forces us to look around to spot it in the distance, but we will not see it until the exit of the town.

The Mostelares mountain pass, it started after crossing a small wooden bridge. It is short but steep. An also strong and rapid decline leads to the chapel of St. Nicholas where the Italian cofraternita di San Giacomo runs a small hostel with 12 places installed in a Gothic chapel, meters away from Fitero bridge on the river Pisuerga, which separates the provinces of Burgos and Palencia. We’re in the land of fields.

Just past the bridge we take a dirt road to the right and 300 meters away we spot the first town of Palencia: Itero de la Vega. From there we begin our wandering around the eternal plains of Tierra de Campos, through farm roads that lead to Boadilla del Camino.

From Boadilla to Frómista, we will be accompanied by the canal of Castilla, which runs on our right and that we finally cross by a photogenic and beautiful area of locks to access the town of Frómista.

From here to Carrion de los Condes (18 km.) the path runs parallel to the main road, by a passable way, and we cross several villages not too attractive. Except Villalcázar of Sirga, where we will see one of the most beautiful churches in all the Camino, the church of Santa Maria la Blanca, with an impressive portico.

We pass Carrión river and the monastery of San Zoilo through a local road and after going through two traffic junctions (attention to danger, lots of vehicles) we approach the abbey of Bevívere. From there, through a long and stony 13 kilometer straight road, we get our bikes to Calzadilla de la Cueza. It is advisable to go well supplied with water, since in this area there is no drinking water and we will surelly miss the liquid element.

We cross Calzadilla and come out on the road N-120, where again we take a path parallel to the road that with occasional ups and downs leads us to Ledigos. Once there we can see the mud houses typical of the area, which we have observed in other places (Boadilla del Camino, Población de Campos). We can see here in fullness a typical village in the area with most of its houses made of mud.


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