Hostel Oncineda (Estella)

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Tel. number +34 948 555 022
Address Calle Monasterio de Irache 11, 31200 Estella - Lizarra (Navarra)


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Bedrooms with different sizes depending on the floors and wings of the hostel, you will find rooms ranging from two beds and up to fourteen. Our standard offer is 121 accommodation places (as the rooms with more than seven beds are only used by the groups that expressly request it). The distribution by room size is:

  • Twelve to fourteen places in bunk beds: 8 rooms (on request).
  • Six to eight places (bunk beds): 5 rooms.
  • Five places (beds): 10 rooms.
  • Four places (beds + bunk beds): 8 rooms.
  • Two beds with private bathroom: 2 rooms.

Some of the rooms include private bathroom (toilet, sink and shower). The remaining rooms share showers and toilets located near the rooms, on the same floor.

All accommodation places have lockers inside the room. Some rooms have lockable box office for people to store their valuables. You can request custody of valuables at reception.

We offer linen (sheets, pillowcase and blanket) although some rates (for pilgrims) may incur an extra charge for this service. We also offer towel hire.


Prices (per person)

  • In multiple room: 9,50 €.
  • In exclusive room: 13 €.
  • Breakfast: 4,50 €.
  • Dinner: 9,50 €.



The hostel Oncineda has 150 beds and bunk beds, rooms can be different sizes, we have rooms available from two to sixteen places. Whenever it is in our hand, you will stay as comfortable as possible and we will adhere to your suggestions and requests for rooms.

But in our hostel we also have a dining room for 150 people, a bar-café with terrace, living room with climbing wall, TV room with computers with internet, multipurpose rooms and kitchen available to all people staying here.



The hostel Estella-Oncineda is loacated at Street Monastery Irache No 11 in Estella - Lizarra, a city that is halfway between Pamplona and Logroño, in a contact zone between the mountain and riverbank landscapes. An historical city born to serve the Camino de Santiago.

In the fifteenth century it was known as the beautiful Estella and today remains true to this adage: it is a medieval city that over the years has treasured palaces, mansions, churches, convents, bridges and beautiful buildings that have make it earn the nickname of the northern Toledo.

The city has about 13,000 residents and surprises for its comercial activity and for the love of music and culture as well as impeccable cuisine where prevail the products of this region: Estella Lands, many of them with certificate of origin. On a walk through Estella-Lizarra you come across with pilgrims and visitors hungry for knowledge about the old streets where Navarre, Franks and Jews lived together, and you will see that it the phrase said by Aymeric Picaud in the eleventh century still applies: Estella is a city of good bread, good wine, lots of meat and fish and all kinds of happiness.

But Estella-Lizarra is not only history and art, it is also pure nature and landscape: you can stroll through the park of Los Llanos, surrounded by the river Ega, or the path of Vasco Navarro Railway or the well nourished network of walking trails in the area, to then cool off in Agua Salada, a natural pool with medicinal properties located in one of the banks of the river.


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