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Hostel Ave de Paso (Grañon, La Rioja)

Teléfono 666 801 051
Address Calle El Caño, 19, 09250 Grañón (La Rioja)
E-mail avedepasoalbergue@outlook.es

OPEN ALL YEAR (Off season for groups only, upon reservation)

Charging point for electric bicycles



Grañón is a municipality in the autonomous community of La Rioja (Spain). It is the last village on Camino de Santiago in La Rioja. It belongs to the region of Santo Domingo de la Calzada and the jurisdictional term of Haro. Its inhabitants, grañoneros and grañoneras, live off agriculture and livestock primarily, so most young people end up abandoning the town to look for other livelihoods in the capital, Logroño.

Completely renovated, opened on July 25, 2015.

The person responsible for handling the hostel is called Manu Pérez. It is possible to book place.

This hostel has 10 places in two rooms, one for 6 and other one for 4. They are all bunk beds.

Opening hours: De 11:00 a 22:00.



  • To consult



  • Clothes line
  • Washer
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Showers: 1
  • Toilets: 2
  • First-aid kits
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Living room
  • Terrace
  • Closed place for bicycles
  • Plugs
  • Internet



Church of San Juan Bautista

The temple is located in the center of the town, particularly in the Granary Square. It has a nave of three sections, octagonal presbytery and head of three cloth. At the end of the head there is the sacristy, which extends southward. The tower consists of two bodies of chairs. Regarding the covers, there are three: one half point at the foot of the head, another formed by six pointed archivolts and a third, blinded. The building dates from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, though the new sacristy and the tower were built later.


Chapel of the Jews.

It is a covered plateresco cruise which was historically used to guide walkers. Therefore it is located at the exit of the town, at the junction of roads to Villarta-Quintana, Morales and Body. It houses a cross that sits on a Tuscan column that you can read the inscription: "And Bicente made him a benefited cleric in San Juan de Grañon".



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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:01

Hostel Casa Victoria (Cirueña)

Tel. number +34 941 426 105 / +34 628 983 351

San Andres,10 - 26258 Cirueña, La Rioja

Website http://www.alberguelafinca.es/andex.php
E-mail  info@alberguelafinca.es
logo booking Booking logo reserva


Charging point for electric bicycles



It is a newly built house with garden on the ground floor. Community dinner.


Hostel: 10 €

Rental of bedsheets and individual lockers.

The hostel itself has 2 double rooms with a price of 35-40 €.



  • Washer and dryer

  • Covered bicycle cloakroom

  • Computer with Internet access. Wi-Fi

  • Drinks and coffee machine.

  • Meeting room with Tv.

  • Indoor and outdoor clothes line.

  • Heating and hot water.


Cirueña is a municipality in the autonomous community of La Rioja located west, 6 km from its head of region, Santo Domingo de la Calzada; both municipalities communicate through the LR-204 road. To the south you can find the monasteries of San Millan and Abbey Canas. It connects with the N-120 between Logroño and Burgos by the autonomic road LR-236.

Romanesque parish church of San Andrés, next to the former monastery of the same name. This church was rebuilt and dates from the tenth century; alabaster remains of chairs in the apse.



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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:01

Municipal hostel of Azofra (Azofra)

Tel. number +34 941 379 325 / +34 638 261 432
Address Calle Las Parras, 7 - 26323 Azofra. la Rioja
Website http://www.azofra.org/Albergue-Municipal.5823.0.html
E-mail ayuntazofra@riojatel.org


Charging point for electric bicycles



The municipal pilgrim hostel of Azofra is an exclusive public hostel for pilgrims on Camino de Santiago, located in a large and modern building in the small town of Azofra La Rioja, inaugurated in 2004.

It is a building with hotel structure, formed by 3 floors with double rooms. When filled, and in winter when closed, the parish hostel Herbert Simon opens with 16 places, next to the church.



  • Hostel: Consult.

* Special price for pilgrims, ask at the hostel.


These are the services we offer in our hostel:

  • Laundry.
  • Washer and dryer.
  • Heating.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Hot water.
  • Showers: 9.
  • Toilets: 12.
  • Cupboards.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Máquina de agua y refrescos.
  • Towels and soap: towels are lent if you do not have one.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Clothes line.


Some of the buildings of cultural interest in Azofra are related to Christian worship. Others, while also related to cults, take the form of routes or paths:

  • Camino de Santiago passes through Azofra and pilgrims can stop and rest and enjoy its GASTRONOMY.
  • Church of Nuestra señora de los Angeles, dating from the eighteenth century. Some elements of construction are older, like the tower, dating from the sixteenth century.
  • Old mansions, located in the village, where the past inherited by Azofra can be seen.



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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:00

Hostel Izar (Viana)

Tel. number +34 948 090 002 / +34 660 071 349
Address C/ El Cristo 6, 31230 Viana (Navarra)
Website http://www.albergueizar.com/
E-mail info@albergueizar.com


Charging point for electric bicycles



We are a tourist and pilgrims hostel located in Viana, which holds the title of Principality of the Old Kingdom of Navarre. We are located in the south-west of Navarre, belong to the Estella area, which is the border between Álava and La Rioja.

The building, following the traditional architecture of the area, has been fully restored. We have terrace and patio, great walks through the old town, its walls and interesting manor houses, palaces and churches that show the splendor that was lived between the sixteenth and eighteenth century.

Camino de Santiago goes by our hostel, we are the last village of Camino de Santiago in Navarre and one star = (IZAR) more on Camino de las Estrellas.

Our city is rich in food and wine with Rioja origin certificate, we welcome visitors and pilgrims.

You will receive from us a personalized treatment, and we will inform you as to how to profit the most of your stay in this very diverse area.



  • Bunk beds: 10 €.
  • Double room: 30 €.
  • Breakfast: 3 €.
  • Sheets for rent: 3 €.
  • Towels for rent: 3 €.



  • Rooms (double and family)
  • Community rooms from 6 to 18 beds
  • Accessible for disabled
  • Living room with patio in the ground floor
  • Large terrace
  • Central heating
  • Washer and dryer
  • Bicycle cloakroom
  • Vending 24h
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 2 m long beds



Viana has a responsive urban design in response to its condition as a fortified place, the main mission for which it was created. It retains a regular plain with a rectangular and symmetric structure. The gateways to the city are oriented to each cardinal point: San Felices on the west, Santa Maria and San Juan to the north, Estella to the west and La Solana to the south. They were modified in the sixteenth century, they hold crests and are dedicated to saints represented in their respective niches.

Although the medieval village plan changed during the sixteenth century, part of the walls that surrounded the village are still preserved. It is still possible to contemplate the wall and barbicans of San Pedro and Santa Maria, underground remains of the castle, stretches of wall, and structures of various towers: the Drum tower, the tower of Tahona and the tower of San Lorenzo.

During your visit to our town, you can not miss the Church of Santa Maria, built in Gothic style with reforms in the centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII. You will enjoy knowing the baroque palaces of the City and the Balcon de Toros, the old pilgrim hospital, visiting the ruins of San Pedro or getting lost in the tangle of narrow streets.


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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:00

Hostel El Jardín de Muruzábal (Muruzábal)

Tel. number +34 696 688 399

C/Monteviejo, 21 - 31152 Muruzábal – Navarra

Website http://alberguejardindemuruzabal.com
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Charging point for electric bicycles



The Hostel EL JARDÍN DE MURUZÁBAL was completely renovated by us in April 2015, located in generous gardens, where you can enjoy a nice break after a tough stage of your personal Camino de Santiago.

In our hostel, you can choose from several accommodation options. We have 2 double bedrooms with private bathroom each, 1 double bedroom and a triple room sharing a bathroom and in addition a room with 14 bunk beds that share 2 bathrooms.

As common areas, the hostel offers a kitchen, a large living room with 2 sofas and library areas, and two large porches where you can enjoy the sunset.

To the pilgrims who travel by bike, the hostel has a garage to store bicycles and to repair if necessary.

And we do not forget the pilgrims with pets. They are welcome, provided that the animals stay outside the house.



Fitted sheet, pillow case are included in the price.

Important: reservations are accepted. Confirm by phone if you will arrive after 14.00 h. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.

Bunk bed: 10 €

“The Olive Tree”, 2 beds with shared bath: 40€ breakfast included

“The Almond Tree”, 3 beds with shared bath: 55€ breakfast included

“The Apple Tree”, 2 beds with bath: 50€ breakfast included

“The Laurel Tree”, 2 beds with bath: 50€ breakfast included



  • Hostel

  • Wi-Fi

  • Kitchen use

  • Washing machine: 3€

  • Dryer: 3€

  • Bed sheet: 2€

  • Bike Wash

  • Bike Parking


  • Guided visit to Eunate Church: consult (we will offer you bikes for your visit, if needed)

  • Massage therapist: consult

  • Bikes are welcome in our hostel.


The Church of Saint Mary of Eunate is from the 12th century. Due to its octagonal plan, the first theories stated that Eunate was a Templar church, related to other central plan churches like the Templar convent of Tomar, the Temple Church of London or the Holy Sepulchre of Pisa, all of them inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. This alleged Templar origin and the aura of mystery that surrounds the church have contributed to esoteric interpretations.

The name „Eunate” comes from the Basque for “a hundred gates” and refers to the arches that surround this ancient hermitage.

We offer you guided tours and of course bikes if you need to relax your feet.

Enjoy this lovely place close to our Albergue – a few picture teasers of Eunate below.



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Municipal hostel of Villava (Villava)

Tel. number +34 948 517 731 / +34 649 71 39 43
Address C/ Pedro de Atarrabia, 17-19 trasera, 31610 Villaba-Atarrabia (Navarra)
Website http://alberguedevillava.com/
E-mail info@alberguedevillava.com
logo booking Booking logo reserva




Located in a beautiful setting on the banks of Ulzama river, you can enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of the neighbors and residents of Villava-Atarrabia as well as its cultural events throughout the year.

The hostel is just 50 m away from the municipal pools of Villava-Atarrabia, where you can enjoy the pools in both winter and summer, as well as the Spa area for only 3 €.

We have a Bar-Restaurant located on the same wall as the hostel, which is part of the social market and promotes responsible consumption. The bar also has a terrace that we have made with recycled furniture, which gives our bar and hostel a distinguishing mark.

Although our closing time for reception desk is at 21:00, we have a security system with code so that the housed people access later.



  • Hostel: 9 €.
  • Breakfast: 3 €.



The Hostel has 54 places of lodging in bunk-bed rooms of various sizes to suit the needs of those traveling alone, families and groups. All of them very bright, warm and pleasant with large windows overlooking the river Ultzama and the Camino; with high vaulted ceilings that enhance the feeling of space and with areas for accessibility. Each lodger or pilgrim has its own reading light, plug and individual locker.

  • 1 room with 4 berths with its own bathroom and shower
  • 1 room with 5 berths with its own bathroom and shower
  • 1 room with 8 berths with shared toilets and showers
  • 2 rooms with 18 berths with shared toilets and showers

We try to adapt to the needs of lodgers and pilgrims to make their stay more enjoyable. Let us not miss anything!

  • On the ground floor next to the reception, we have 3 Bathrooms, one of them in the cafeteria.
  • On the 1st floor there are 4 bathrooms and 5 showers (divided for men and women) for large rooms.
  • The 2 rooms for 4 and 5 people each have their own bathroom.
Multipurpose room

The hostel has a large, bright room that adapts to different functions and which is exclusive to the lodgers.

  • To read, surf the internet, watch TV or chat
  • For meetings when you come in group or team.
  • For heating up food or cooking.
Other services
  • Sheet and towel service: beds are dressed with sheet and pillow fitted for those coming with his sack. Also you can rent sheets and towels.
  • Laundromat: If you want to wash your own clothes we have a laundromat with washer and dryer. It also has clothesline.
  • Bicycles: Villava-Atarrabia, the land of Indurain, carries bicycles in its DNA. If you are just passing through, you can park your bicycle at the door. If you stay with us, we have prepared a space for you to keep your bike and so that you can clean it comfortably.



Villava-Atarrabia is surely the town of Iruñerria with more development to The City. With a privileged environment because of the crossing of its 3 Caminos at the mouth of Ultzama river to Arga river, Villava-Atarrabia was a preferred resting place for the wealthy people of Pamplona 100 years ago; and thus witness the main avenue leading into the village, with its belle epoque chalets and its special Besta-Jira.

Villava- Atarrabia was meant to live, to rest. And the people there are those who interpret it better. Villaveses can go every day to work in Pamplona or its industrial belt, but they live in their village. Not surprisingly Villava-Atarrabia has developed an important staff letter of health, educational, social, cultural and sporting services to reach a widely recognized quality life.

The hostel of Villava-Atarrabia is part of that staff letter, and is designed for hostellers and the pilgrim; youth hostel and families; groups and sports teams. For those who devote the day to explore, discover, enjoy Pamplona-Iruña and its region, and the night to rest. It is a first class hostel with first class facilities.


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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:00

Hostel San Nicolás (Larrasoaña)

Tel. number +34 619 559 225 / +34 659 815 961
Address C/ Sorandi, 5-7 - Larrasoaña – Navarra
Website http://www.alberguesannicolas.com
E-mail alberguesannicolas@gmail.com


Charging points for electric bicycles



San Nicolas in Larrasoaña is a hostel for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (French Way) and a tourist hostel, located in the town of Larrasoaña, 4.5 km away. from Zubiri, being therefore a possible ending point in the first stage for the stronger and better prepared pilgrims, as it is a hard stage.

It opened on March 30, 2015, and it is a new, modern and cozy hostel to rest, share experiences, regain strength for the next day, with all the necessary services in suitable facilities.



  • Hostel: 11 €


  • Washing place.
  • Washer and dryer; 3€ each.
  • Indoor and outdoor clothesline.
  • Heating.
  • Showers: 8.
  • Towels and soap: towel rental (3€).
  • Toilets: 8.
  • Lockers or cabinets.
  • First-aid kit
  • Water and soda machine.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Kitchen: Yes, with microwave. Dinners are offered for 10 € (only one menu composed of homemade food).
  • Refrigerator.
  • Dinning room.
  • Meeting room with TV.
  • Terraza.
  • Closed place for keeping bicycles.
  • Plugs for charging batteries.
  • Internet.


Larrasoaña Bridge (also called bandits Bridge) is a medieval stone bridge that crosses the Arga River in the valley of Esteríbar. It is located in the town of Larrasoaña in the province of Navarre (Spain). The name of the bandits bridge was originated because in this bridge, or its vicinities, bandits were posted to rob pilgrims. This bridge in the French Way is the next after Puente de la Rabia in Zubiri.



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Refuge Orisson (Orisson)

Tel. number Landline: 05 59 49 13 03 / Mobile: 06 81 49 79 56
Address Jean-Jacques ETCHANDY - BP 12 - 64220 UHART-CIZE
Website http://www.refuge-orisson.com/
E-mail refuge.orisson@wanadoo.fr


Charging point for electric bicycles



Jean-Jaques Etchandy and his family are happy to welcome you to their hostel: Orisson Refuge.

Situated in the heart of the French Basque Country, on the GR65 route between Saint Jean Pied de Port and Bentarte Mountain, it is the best place to stay before crossing Lépoéder mountain pass in our way to Roncesvalles.

Many pilgrims have stopped at this hostel to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the peacefulness of the area: an ultimate resting place on the Compostelle walk.

Come to share your Camino with us!



  • Half-board room: 35 €.
  • Menu: 5 to 14 €.



  • Packed picnic on request.
  • Package transportation service.
  • Postcards and stamps.
  • Restaurant and bar.
  • Panoramic terrace.
  • Fireplace.



Right in ascent through the Camino de Santiago from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles. In this place the mountain hugs and nature overflows. We will be surrounded by green and high mountain landscape. A unique location for a unique experience.

It is possible that given the inaccessibility of the place you get to this place in your way, so be sure to stop for a good snack that you will surely appreciate during the hard miles in ascension that await you right after.


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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 15:46

Prologue stage

domingo 11 de mayo de 2008

Etapa prologo, acercandonos al camino...

Pues ya estoy en Irún después de un dia intenso y después de ver ya las primeras flechas amarillas..

Ahora mismo estoy redido, cansado, cansadisimo, muerto de sueño..., espero poder levanterme mañana listo y dispuesto para poder empezar con buen pie.

Tengo que aclarar que ayer me fuí a la cama a las 3 de la madrugada y hoy me he metido un viaje de 650 kms. en coche que me ha dejadado extasiado...., los pinchos y las cervezillas han hecho el resto, je, je.

La cronica del dia comienza a las 9 de la mañana cuando despues de cargar las bicicletas en el coche y despedirnos de mi amigo BIG BENSON (Jordi) hemos partido en coche de alquiler desde Lloret de Mar hasta Irún, el viaje lo hemos realizado casi del tirón y nos hemos presentado aquí a eso de las tres de la tarde.

Durante el viaje mi mayor preocupación era el tiempo y si lloveria o no. Finalmente esta tarde nos ha hecho una tarde preciosa y para mañana el tiempo promete sol y intuyo un dia y unos paisajes de ensueño..

Al llegar al albergue juvenil de Irún Carmelo ha montado su canvalache de trastos y piezas de bicicleta y ha armado su bici, no sin ciertos problemas mecanicos en el montaje del portabultos, nuetro amigo Iñaqui alias "I Alcain" al que hemos recogido en Andoiain y a partir de ese momento se ha convertido en nuestro anfitrión, le ha hechado una mano a carmelo mientras un servidor subia cosas a la habitación.

Hemos ido a entregar el coche y de paso a ver el albergue de peregrinos, (actualmente en Irún hay dos albergues el juvenil y el de peregrinos) yo he venido al juvenil (15 euros con carnet de alberguista) por que el de peregrinos está en un piso de un edificio particular, antes de llegar me imaginé que tendria problemas para dejar la bicicleta y por eso reservé en el juvenil. El albergue de peregrinos está muy bien para ser un piso y además puedes dejar la bicicleta en un garaje que hay abajo (precio la voluntad), de haberlo sabido antes me habria quedado con gusto, pero igualmente aqui se está muy comodo.

Esta tarde hemos estado con Iñaki y su novia paseando por San Sebastián, al grupo se a unido mi amigo Mikel y su esposa, unos amigos que conozco de Lloret de Mar y que son naturales de San Sebastian..., ha sido una tarde maravillosa y que ya ha quedado impregnada en mi recuerdo, de la mano de tan insignes y expertos cicerones hemos recorrido los rincones más bonitos de la ciudad y hemos podido admirar la playa de la concha, el puerto pesquero, el barrio antiguo, la catedral......y sobre todo "LOS BARES DE PINCHOS" donde como no podia ser de otra manera nos hemos puesto tibios de "zuritas" y pinchos a diestro y siniestro..

Para dar gusto a mi amigo BIG BENSON después de una llamada telefonica, nos hemos ido toda la tropa, al bar BERGARA, con foto de rigor para demostrar nuestra presencia y enseñar tan soculentos manjares.., el propietario del bar Jordi se corresponde a tu descripción, nos ha tratado de maravilla.

Gracias Mikel , (si seré puñetero que nunca me acuerdo del nombre de tu mujer, je,je. , espero sepa perdonarme tal desliz...., ) , gracias Iñaki......, (iden con el nombre de tu novia, je,je. ), ha sido una tarde maravillosa y conocer una ciudad tan bonita como esta de vuestra mano, todo un placer.

Gracias a los que me habeis llamado por telefono y enviado sms. Sé que estais hay y ahora mismo os intuyo y me siento acompañado por vosotros. Un abrazo a todos.

Un beso a mi mujercita y a mis hijos, especialmente a mi Guillem que en solo un día ya me hecha de menos y me acaba de llamar para desearme buenas noches..

Mañana empieza la verdadera aventura, mañana hablaremos de bicigrineo....

En la etapa de mañana Iñaki vendrá con nostros todo el día...., ya veremos a donde llegamos...

Published in Northern Way 2008 Log
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 15:46

Irún - Zumaia

La cena y las atenciones de la gente de la casa rural como se intuia han sido muy buenas. Hemos cenado una ensalada espectacular, una sopita buenísima y un filete de ternera no menos bueno. Todo eso regado (solo por un servidor ya que los otros son astemios ) de media botella de xacoli. je,je.

Ahora estoy en la cama contento y feliz pensando que lo vivido hoy ha sido muy un sueño.

Hasta mañana amigos.

Tomas Sanchez Sanchez

*Este mensaje ha sido redactado y enviado mediante un dispositivo movil, PDA *


 Etapa dura - paisaje de postal


km día : 78,52
Tiempo parcial: 6:26:11
Velocidad media: 12,19 km/h
Velocidad máxima: 51,22 km/h
km total: 78,52
Tiempo total: 6:26:11

En el albergue juvenil de Irún hemos dormido de maravilla, en la habitación estabamos el Carmelo, un servidor y dos guiris.

A las 8 de la mañana a comenzado nuestra aventura y nos hemos lanzado al camino....., todo a punto, las alforjas de estreno, las zapatillas de estreno, la equipación del bicigrino....., ivamos equipados full time de bicigrinos, ja,ja.

Hemos salido sin desayunar y pensando encontrar un bar para poder tomar algo, pero las flechas nos han etregado en seguida a la salida de Irún y a la subida del monto Jazkibel........, el paisaje ya ha comenzado a deslumbrarnos y a apabullarnos literalmente, !que vistas mas bonitas!, el camino picaba ya hacia arriba y por unas subidas boscosas y con muchas trialeras......, cuando hemos llegado a la hermita de Santa Magadalena, hemos parado para comer unas barritas y unos frutos secos.

A partir de hay otra mega subida y ya en las faldas del Jazkibel hemos ido llaneando y viendo unas maravillosas vistas del mar y de la zona fronteriza entre francia y españa.

En esta zona parece ser que a los bikers les gusta ir en pelotas, ja,ja., ayer (como lo digo) vimos a un tio en bicicleta en pelota picada por medio del paseo de San Sebastian (tengo fotos) y hoy en medio del camino hemos encontrado a un maromo arreglando un pinchazo, equipado con su casco, su maillot, y sin la parte de abajo......, con todo "el pito al aire", ja,ja. (lo juro por mi madre) , por lo cual se deduce que estos vascos los tienen bien puestos y no necesitan culotte ni ostias, ni badana ni na, ja,ja. con las pelotillas al aire ya pedalean :-)

Despues del monte Jazkibel unas escaleras nos han dejado en Pasajes San Juan donde hemos cruzado la ria en barca...., , nos hemos comido unos pichos y unas cervecitas para poner combustible.. y otra vez al camino......

Nos hemos presentado en San Sebastian y la hemos atrevesado por el paseo de la cocha y la playa, "precioso" y luego de hay subida al monte Igeldo ,por unas pistas forestales preciosas..... y con unas vistas no menos preciosas.....

De hay a Orio por sendas boscosas y de montaña y con el mar siempre a nuestra derecha....., prados, ovejitas, caballos, casas preciosas colgadas de la ladera de la montaña y la inmensidad del mar al fondo...

Bajadas con trialeras muy divertidas y pedragosas y nos presentamos en Orio......, el estomago pide otra vez algun tentenpié pero resulta que por ser lunes está todo cerrado y nos tenemos que ir a un chiringuito de la playa donde nos metemos sendos bocatas y cervezitas.......,

Despues otra vez para arriba !!!!!!, las bajadas son bestiales, las subidas no menos y el camino en algunos tramos se presenta con calzada romana y con una especie de adoquines que te hacen saltar como una cabra........., las alforjas saltaban y se batian cual alas de mariposa........

Asi por caminos de duras subidas y terreno muy agreste nos hemos presentado en Zarautz y hemos estado en el restaurante de CARLOS ARGUIÑANO, donde nos han puesto el correspondiente sello......., paseo por la playa y de hay por carretera al Guetaria, donde hemos podido admirar la bonita montañota con forma de Raton..

Yo me las prometia feilices y pensaba llegar a Deba, y tambien pensaba que Zumaia estaba hay mismo, pero el camino nos tenia guardada una sorpresa final......., unas subidas destornillantes y unas bajadas pedragosas de la leche, que en la subida nos han comido todas las fuerzas que nos quedaban y en las bajadas nos han destrozado los brazos y han traqueteado hasta el ultimo resorte de las bicicletas.......,

Asi nos hemos presentado en Zumaia ya renunciando a ir a Deba, por que quedaban 26 kms. , porque estabamos destrozados y por que eran las 7 de la tarde.

Como en Zumaia no hay albergue hemos tirado por carretera a una casa rural recomendada por Miguel Angel (atleta) que está impresionante y donde nos han recibido como si de nuestra casa se tratase......, ahora estoy escribiendo esta cronica desde el ordenador personal de los de la casa y nos están preparando una cena que promete ser algo muy especial.

En el siguiente enlace podreis ver la web de la casa : http://www.jesuskoa.net/

Tener en cuenta quien os lanceis al camino del norte en breve que la etapa desde Irun tiene narices, que es dura, pero muy dura y que llegar hasta Deba que es donde está el próximo albergue es bastante dificil. Por esta zona el alojamiento se presenta dificil......., el albergue anterior esta en Orio y te coje muy cerca, y como he dicho el albergue de después Deba, bastante lejos....., por lo que la opción de quedarnos aqui en esta casa rural ha sido creo una muy buena elección.

Bueno amigos, mañana ya os comentaré como nos ha ido la cena y la tertulia .........., eso sí en este camino al menos por ahora se hecha de menos la compañia de otros peregrinos y de los "angeles del camino", aunque ha decir verdad hoy hemos tenido a nuestro "angel del camino" Iñaki que nos ha acompañado toda la etapa, nos ha hecho unas fotos preciosas y ha compartido con nosotros momentos inolvidables........

Gracias Iñaki......, lo de hoy ha sido una autentica gozada....... , muchas gracias chaval....

Nos vemos mañana........... " huele que alimenta ", ja,ja.

Published in Northern Way 2008 Log
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