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The hot section for blogs of bicigrinos, this section contains logbooks of bicigrinos that are currently on the Camino or those who are preparing it and will narrate their adventure live.

Otras Rutas - Live my dream

live my dream

Autor: Carlos

Título: "Live my Dream"

Descripción: Durante los próximos años voy a recorrer los cinco continentes en una bicicleta como medio de transporte, dándole así vida a mis sueños y a mi proyecto: “Live my Dream…Around the World “.


Inicio: La vuelta al mundo en bicicleta, una aventura apasionante y errática.

Final: quien sabe donde ;)

Fecha: ahora en Directo.

Otras Rutas - Colorado on the road

colorado on the road

Autor: Javier Colorado

Título: "ColoradoOnTheRoad"

Descripción: La vuelta al mundo en bicicleta , sigue a través de este blog a diario las aventuras de su autor Javier Colorado que está viajando en bicicleta en una apasionante aventura. Si te gusta el cicloturismo no te puedes perder este apasionante blog.


Inicio: La vuelta al mundo en bicicleta

Final: quien sabe donde ;)

Fecha: ahora en Directo.

Publish your log in our website

blogger_mobileIf you are planning your Camino or if you will start it soon, if you have a blog or logbook we can publish it in this section for use and enjoyment of users of this website and also to make it easily accessible to your acquaintances.

Personally, I have written in a live blog in all my routes on Camino de Santiago at the end of the stages and for me it was very important, to the point that now I would no longer be able to make a long route without writing my diary every day and feel the encouragement of those who follow me on the blog.

On the other hand, comment that writing a live log along the Camino, it will be very easy to create slowly and almost without noticing a graphic document that you will have forever to immortalize the experience and because of writing it every day, it will be easy for you to not leave in oblivion any feeling or data in your Camino de Santiago.

With new technologies (mobile devices) and with the easy access to the Internet through cybercafes during the route it will not be hard to keep a live blog during the trip.

That said, if you want to share it with us, send us the link and we will post it on this section so that you can get encouragement along the Camino, and then once completed we will link it to the corresponding section of "logs" so that it can be consulted by other bicigrinos in the future.

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