Hostel Bela Muxía (Muxía)

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Tel. number +34 687 798 222
Address Rúa da Encarnación 30, 15124 Muxía, (A Coruña)
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Bicycle transport

Cloakroom, reception and storage of bicycles
This hostel is the main point of delivery and receipt of bicycles for the transportation service from Muxía to home organized by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the reservation voucher through Bicigrino online shop, you can leave your bicycle here for transport without any issue. So, in this easy and effective way, you can stay comfortably and send the bike home in the process.

Transporte de Santiago a casa



Bela Muxía is a hostel with all the services to anyone who wants to stop a few days at Muxia after doing the camino de Santiago or vacationers.

A place for culture, which contains athematic exhibition of legends, poems and texts related to the sea and with the culture ofthe area. Created by poets and writers such as Rosalía de Castro, Garcia Lorca, José Saramago, Cesar Antonio Molina and Lopez Abente… and illustrious pilgrims as Nicolás de Popielovo, King Alfonso VII.



  • Bunk bed: 12 €.



The Bela Muxía hostel is a space dedicated to all those who want to enjoy a few days ofrest in Muxía (A Costa da Morte) in A Coruña. Stay in our hostel will make the visitor can discover ourmaritime culture, rest and visit in an environment surrounded by nature, beaches, monuments and churches that will never forget.



Muxia is surrounded by excellent beaches that stand out for the quality of its water, the good location and the fine and white sand. Their large number of beaches allows us to choose between those with a smoother or wilder sea, such as Lourido beach or Nemiña; or those with softer water inside the estuary like in A Barreira, Lago, Muíños, Espiñeirido or A Cruz. But in the muxian coast we also have unknown small bays just as the O Coto, As Raias, Vilaverde, Borreiros, Arliña or Arnela.

We have beaches that are protected from the north-east wind, which most strikes in summer time, like A Barreira, Lago, Arliña or Nemiña, facing south or west. In this last one the waves allow us to go surfing. If you do not have means of transportation, you can approach to the nearest beach to the village center on foot like O Espiñeirido, A Cross, Arliña or Lourido.


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