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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:03

Hostel San Miguel (Hospital de Órbigo)

Tel. number +34 987 388 285 / +34 618 183 420
Address Calle Álvarez Vega 35, 24286 Hospital de Órbigo (León)
Website http://www.alberguesanmiguel.com/
E-mail alberguesanmiguel@gmail.com


Charging point for electric bicycles



In the small town of Hospital de Orbigo, located on the stretch of Camino de Santiago between Leon and Astorga, we have made the reconstruction and adaptation to hostel of a beautiful farmhouse with thick walls.

Stage marked by the calistus code for genuine pilgrims.

Do not forget to see the longest bridge in Camino de Santiago, 19 ojos, and remember the battle of Don Suero breaking 300 lances for the love of a woman, all living history of the Camino.

In the hostel there is a paint shop and a permanent exhibition of paintings by the pilgrims who are doing the Camino.



  • Hostel: 7 €.



  • Information and tourism office.
  • Grocery store with bakery.
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Bicycle repair workshop.
  • ATMs, pharmacy, medical center, etc.



Hospital de Órbigo is known for its famous medieval bridge (Puente del paso honroso).

It is a medieval bridge from the thirteenth century built over the river Órbigo. It seems too big for what the river is but before the construction of the dam of Barrios de Luna, the river carried a large flow. It has 19 arches and is quite well preserved. Restorations were made at different times. It is a national monument since 1939.

It is set in the ancient Roman road that ran from Leon (Legio Septima Gemina) to Astorga which was in Roman times the capital of the province of Asturica Augusta.


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