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Caminha Hostel

Phone +351 914 290 431
Adress Avenida Padre Pinheiro - 4910-106 Caminha, Portugal
Website www.caminhosantiagoviana.pt
E-mail alberguedecaminha@caminhosantiagoviana.pt
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Our mission is to host pilgrims going to Santiago or Fatima.




  • 1 reception
  • 1 comrade
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 hospital room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 laundry
  • 2 sanitary facilities with shower (M & amp; F)
  • 2 WC (M & amp; F)
  • 16 bunks
  • 1 electric plate
  • 1 microwave
  • 1 refrigerator
  • 1 dishwasher
  • 1 tank
  • 1 clothesline
  • Plates, glasses, cutlery, pans
  • 1 donation box
  • 1 pilgrim's guestbook
  • 1 pilgrim record book
  • 1 stamp
  • 1 first aid box
  • Without washer, dryer, bike rack, hair dryer



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Hostería of Curtidores (Estella)

Phone 948 550 070 - 663 613 642
Adress Calle Curtidores 43, Estella - Lizarra 31200
Website http://www.lahosteriadelcamino.com/es/
E-mail curtidores@albergueestella.com
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Our nine bright and spacious rooms, all have comfortable beds or bunk beds, plug, lamp and their lockers with key. Showers and toilets are located in each bedroom. It is precisely this arrangement of rooms with private bathroom and shower that makes our Hosteria an ideal accommodation for pilgrims, families, groups of travelers, workers, schoolchildren, ... We offer different accommodation formulas depending on what our guests want. guests. Thus, at the Hostería de Curtidores you can stay requesting a bed, a room, a bedroom or rent the entire building. What is your need?

  • 6 beds maximum
  • 2 beds minimum
  • All with private bathroom and shower
  • With bedding, personal hygiene products, ...
  • Bedrooms for women only
  • Exterior views of the river


  • For € 15.00 / night you can sleep in one of our bright 4 or 6-bed dorms equipped with comfortable bunk beds and private lockers.
  • Check with us the availability of sleeping all the traveling companions together in one of our 4 or 6-bed dormitories.
  • From € 45.00 For those who prefer more privacy and comfort, we offer single, double and triple hotel type rooms.
  • Consult the availability and prices for renting the complete turnkey lodge.


  • Heating
  • Fireplaces
  • Kitchen for public use
  • Dining room, cafeteria, living rooms, ...
  • Early breakfast buffet
  • We serve in several languages
  • Tourist information
  • We print your boarding pass for free.
  • Book crossing


About us

Our standard formula is that of a 4 or 6-bed room with bathroom and shower. That is, you will stay in the most private rooms with bathrooms in the hostels of the city of Ega. For those who prefer more privacy and comfort, we offer single, double and triple hotel type rooms with their bed linen, towels and buffet breakfast included. At our reception they will facilitate access to the Inn and your room through codes. So you can forget about annoying schedules and concentrate on connecting with other travelers like you, that for that you will have a fully equipped kitchen, meeting rooms, a selection of local beers and wines, books and magazines for public use, coffees or infusions that surely they will facilitate that encounter. For small groups you can have private or exclusive rooms for 3, 4, 5 or 6 people, even with bed linen, towels and breakfast buffet included. These rooms are ideal for families with children or for those who prefer more privacy and comfort. To guarantee the promised rest: thick viscolatex mattresses covered by a protective cover, with a cotton sheet, duvet and a good pillow. And ... every bed !! It has its plug, its reading light and the space to store your travel guide and glasses. Because a good experience is our priority !! COME AND CHECK


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Hostel Casa Lixa (Herrerias de Valcarce)

Phone 987 134 915 / 679 376 680
Address C/ Camino de Santiago 35, CP25526 Herrerías de Valcarce (León)
Website www.casalixa.com
E-mail info@casalixa.com
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OPEN FROM 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.

Charging point for electric bicycles



Casa Lixa was a farm house built in 1929, where three generations lived the livestock and agriculture.

Recently restored, preserving the historical characteristics of it, with the original materials: limestone of the area, chestnut wood, beams in the ceilings, wooden corridors, and slate roofs typical of rural areas, creating a warm atmosphere And welcoming, highlighting its comfortable interiors decorated in a modern style with restored antique pieces that combine and respect the history of the place.

The House meets extraordinary conditions for pilgrims or anyone who wants to relax, enjoy and know the rural area of ​​our area, in an enviable natural environment.

An ideal place to rest and start the hardest stage of the road to Santiago, passing from a difference of 675 meters to 1,300 in a distance of 10 km.



We have a restaurant, where you can enjoy homemade meals with produce from the land and own vegetable garden. Botillo, meats from the mountains of Lugo, Bierzo peppers, chestnuts, cherries, trouts etc., some of the best typical dishes, and excellent wines of the area with a denomination of origin of the variety Mencía, everything to make the food A true pleasure, where you will be treated with impeccable service.



Double room:

Price per person: 50 € / night

Double room for single use:

Price per person: 40 € / night

Temporary bed: 14 € / night

Berth with locker and sheet (rooms from 5 to 10 places): 11 € / night



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Hostel Suseia (Zubiri)

Phone 948 304 353 / 640 349 582 (Sara y Raul)
Address C/ Murelu nº12
Website www.suseiazubiri.com
E-mail info@suseiazubiri.com
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Charging point for electric bicycles


Suseia is a 21st Century Tourist Hostel, located in Zubiri, Navarra, at the end of the second leg of the French St James Way, where what you are hoping to find becomes a reality. With a lot of amenities at your fingertips and with a really affordable price. When you cross our door you will realize that we are working so that you can restore your strength is something pleasant and simple.


From March 5 to October 30

From 13:00 to 20:00



2 bedrooms of 6 people

2 bedrooms of 4 people


Nº of baths 3

Nº Showers: 3

Nº Of rooms: 4

reservations: yes

pets allowed: no

Internet: yes, free

bikes place: yes, lockable garage

massage: yes, in season

kitchen: no; Microwave only

salon: yes

terrace: yes

pool: no (July and August municipal pools at 100 meters for 5 euros the afternoon)

stable: no

heating: yes

hot water: yes

Botoquin: yes

fridge: yes

washing machine: yes


laundry: yes

fireplace: no

phone: no

plugs: yes

Lockers: yes

Clothesline: yes

coffee machine: yes

drinks machine: yes

feed: yes,

menu 13 euros


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Hostel El Cantero (Mañeru)

Phone 948 342 142 - Roberto
Address Calle Esperanza, 2
Website www.albergueelcantero.com
E-mail info@albergueelcantero.com




The El Cantero Pilgrims' Lodge, located on Camino Francés, Run by people with a wide trajectory in the Way of Santiago. After many years as a volunteer hospitaler, of direct contact with the pilgrims and of feeling the Way of Santiago as a vital experience, we now put all these experiences to give shape to a project of life of full dedication to The pilgrims and the pilgrims in a hostel rehabilitated with the care and care of some hospitaleros who know of the needs and of what they value the pilgrimage people towards Santiago.



In the Hostel of Pilgrims El Cantero you will find luminosity and comfortable rooms and to your liking. - Berths: three rooms of 8 and 10 places on the first floor. Fully equipped communal bathrooms and terrace with grocer.




In our bar you will be able to stop in the Road to load you of energy and enjoy: - Sandwiches (hot and cold) - Skewers - Tapas - And a snack and a wide cellar where you can: - Breakfast. Free buffet. Cafes, infusions, toast, juices, fruit & hellip; - Eat. Pilgrims' men with first course, second and dessert with the best products that will help you to replenish your strength. - Dine. You will receive all the energy to undertake the Path to the next day.




Equipped kitchen for the exclusive and free use of pilgrims.

Large garden where you can relax and enjoy your well-deserved break by sipping a refreshing drink or enjoying a pleasant conversation, reading or meditating.


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Hostel Bela Muxía (Muxía)

Tel. number +34 687 798 222
Address Rúa da Encarnación 30, 15124 Muxía, (A Coruña)
Website http://www.belamuxia.com/
E-mail albergue@belamuxia.com
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Bicycle transport

Cloakroom, reception and storage of bicycles
This hostel is the main point of delivery and receipt of bicycles for the transportation service from Muxía to home organized by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the reservation voucher through Bicigrino online shop, you can leave your bicycle here for transport without any issue. So, in this easy and effective way, you can stay comfortably and send the bike home in the process.

Transporte de Santiago a casa



Bela Muxía is a hostel with all the services to anyone who wants to stop a few days at Muxia after doing the camino de Santiago or vacationers.

A place for culture, which contains athematic exhibition of legends, poems and texts related to the sea and with the culture ofthe area. Created by poets and writers such as Rosalía de Castro, Garcia Lorca, José Saramago, Cesar Antonio Molina and Lopez Abente… and illustrious pilgrims as Nicolás de Popielovo, King Alfonso VII.



  • Bunk bed: 12 €.



The Bela Muxía hostel is a space dedicated to all those who want to enjoy a few days ofrest in Muxía (A Costa da Morte) in A Coruña. Stay in our hostel will make the visitor can discover ourmaritime culture, rest and visit in an environment surrounded by nature, beaches, monuments and churches that will never forget.



Muxia is surrounded by excellent beaches that stand out for the quality of its water, the good location and the fine and white sand. Their large number of beaches allows us to choose between those with a smoother or wilder sea, such as Lourido beach or Nemiña; or those with softer water inside the estuary like in A Barreira, Lago, Muíños, Espiñeirido or A Cruz. But in the muxian coast we also have unknown small bays just as the O Coto, As Raias, Vilaverde, Borreiros, Arliña or Arnela.

We have beaches that are protected from the north-east wind, which most strikes in summer time, like A Barreira, Lago, Arliña or Nemiña, facing south or west. In this last one the waves allow us to go surfing. If you do not have means of transportation, you can approach to the nearest beach to the village center on foot like O Espiñeirido, A Cross, Arliña or Lourido.


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Hostel Finistellae (Fisterra)

Tel. number +34 637 821 296
Address C/Manuel Lago Pais 7, 15155 Finisterre (A Coruña)
Website http://www.finistellae.com/
E-mail reservas@finistellae.com



Bicycle transport

Cloakroom, reception and storage of bicycles
This hostel is the main point of delivery and receipt of bicycles for the transportation service from Finisterre to home organized by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the reservation voucher through Bicigrino online shop, you can leave your bicycle here for transport without any issue. So, in this easy and effective way, you can stay comfortably and send the bike home in the process.

Transporte de Santiago a casa



Finistellae hostel, located in the center of the town of Finisterre, offers multiple services for a memorable stay. Completely new, our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

We take care of every detail as possible, and cleaning in order to guarantee a great comfort to our guests.

It supports reservation of seats even for groups. You do not need the credential of a pilgrim.

Open from Easter to October 31. Hours: 7:30 to 22:3. Possibility to leave or not when it is closed



  • Bunk bed: 12 €.



Within the town of Finisterre we find this unique hostel where you can mostly share the magic of Camino de Santiago with other pilgrims. The hostel is specially equipped, being newly built, and their owners have equipped it in great detail for your comfort.

Its location near the lighthouse climb and especially near the beautiful beach mar da fora makes it the perfect place to see the most beautiful sunset.



We have arrived at Finis Terrae. On the slopes of Mount Facho is Cape Finisterre, the end of our journey, which has taken us to this wild and beautiful coastline. The vision presented impresses us, as it did with the Romans and pilgrims who had come here at all times.

Below us, the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, which is traversed by thousands of ships every day across this legendary maritime corridor. Inside the estuary, the Lobeira islands and the imposing Mount Pindo complete this natural viewpoint.


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Casa Loncho (Olveiroa)

Tel. number +34 981 741 673 / +34 617 026 005
Address 15151 Olveiroa - Dumbría, A Coruña
Website http://www.casaloncho.com/
E-mail casaloncho@gmail.com




The Albergue Hórreo is an extra service provided by Casa Loncho to all travelers who find themselves on the Camino de Santiaog to Fisterra.

Located in the same area as our rustic pension in Olveiroa, in the borough of Dumbria, the new installations offer our guests all types of services in a family atmosphere.



  • Bed: 12 €.
The price of your stay includes bed sheets, blankets, bedspread and use of kitchen.
  • Double room with private bathroom: 40 €.
  • Triple room with shared bathroom: 50 €.
  • Double room with shared bathroom: 30 €.
  • Individual room with shared bathroom: 25 €.
Other services
  • Breakfast: 3,50 €.



We have 48 beds distributed in five welcoming and comfortable rooms, with heating, adapted for disabled people, ideal for a well deserved rest after a long day of pedalling.

Our bar/shop services has an outdoor terrace and internet service, is the perfect complement to prepare your next journey and a splendid place to enjoy the company of other guests.

  • 5 rooms with heating.
  • 48 beds.
  • Individual lockers.
  • Access adapted for disabled people.
  • Cafe-bar, shop, terraca, Internet, Wi-Fi.
  • Collection of pilgrims.
  • Backpack service.
  • Taxi service.
  • Laundry service.
  • TV room.
  • Kitchen.
  • We accept credit card as a payment method.



Along with six other towns, Olveiroa belongs to the area of Dumbría. In its surroundings we have:

The church of Santiago is located 300 meters away from our inn, surrounded by hórreos (grain storage buildings). This church was built in the late XIIth century, with multiple reforms.

Santa Lucía chapel, built in the late XIIIth and XIVth centuries. It celebrates the popular Easter festival on Easter Monday.

Ponte Olveira, village and bridge near the river Xallas, in which you are able to observe the marvellous river scenery. In this locality took place a battle against the napoleon armies in the year 1809, during the Napoleonic invasion in the Iberian Peninsula.


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Hostel San José (Negreira)

Tel. number +34 881 976 934
Address Calle de Castelao 20, 15830 Negreira (A Coruña)
Website http://www.alberguesanjose.es/
E-mail info@alberguesanjose.es




Tourist hostel San Jose was opened in the year 2010, by the brothers Vieito Fuentes, with the intention to give rest to the Pilgrims performing the route from Santiago to Finisterrre / Muxia or vice versa. It is also suitable for tourists who wish to spend some relaxing days near the Galician coast, watching and enjoying landscapes, beaches, rials, rivers, monuments, gastronomy, etc.



  • Price per person and day: 12 €.
  • Breakfasts (for groups and prior notice): 2,50 €.

In the months of November, December, January and February we only serve pilgrims or groups upon reservation. We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns.



Facilities nominated with 2 stars by the tourism ministry

We have put great interest in creating spacious and welcoming space to offer the highest quality service to our customers.

Our hostel is located in Camino de Santiago to Finisterre-Muxia, and vice versa, it is the first stage of rest after travelling 20 kilometers from Santiago to Negreira.

Distance from the hostel to other public services in Negreira:
  • Medical center: 50 m, (in the same street).
  • Town center: 150 m.
  • Bus stop: 100 m.
  • Public swimming pool: 50 m.
  • ATMs, shops, bars, restaurants, etc. within a radius of 200 m.



Negreira is, according to its heraldry, is courteous and very loyal, reflecting on its shield the Jacobean legend, as it is a transit place in the route to Finisterre. There is a large quantity of Manors and art of all styles, and natural enclaves are abundant.

Be carried along by the many attractions offered by this hospitable land, full of surprises and many possibilities, bringing you to discover and learn more about it.


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Hostel La Salle (Santiago de Compostela)

Tel. number +34 981 585 667 / +34 981 584 611
Address Rúa de Tras Santa Clara S/N, 15704 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
Website http://www.alberguelasalle.com/
E-mail info@alberguelasalle.com
logo booking Booking logo reserva


Charging point for electric bicycles


Bicycle transport

Cloakroom, reception and storage of bicycles
This hostel is the main point of delivery and receipt of bicycles for the transportation service from Santiago to home organized by Bicigrino and Seur.

If you purchase the reservation voucher through Bicigrino online shop, you can leave your bicycle here for transport without any issue. So, in this easy and effective way, you can stay comfortably and send the bike home in the process.

Transporte de Santiago a casa



Our central establishment is located in the Monument Area of Santiago de Compostela, 10 minutes from the Cathedral, in the heart of the historic centre of this Galician city.

Its excellent location close to the Santo Domingo de Bonaval Park will allow you to enjoy a quiet stroll or a relaxing read. You can also visit the nearby Galician Contemporary Art Centre (CGAC) or the Pobo Galego Museum.

The building was formerly a students' hall of residence, and has now been converted into a 1-star Hotel with a traditional, functional and practical style. Our central location, wide range of facilities, hospitable staff and economical prices will all make for an enjoyable stay..

The website www.alberguelasalle.com has all the information you could need on the Hotel. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further details and we will be delighted to be of assistance.



From 17 €.
** Consult other offers



  • Sitting room with views of the cathedral.
  • Lounge with views of the Bonaval Park.
  • Meeting room for large and small groups.
  • Dining room for large and small groups, subject to prior reservation.
  • Room with Internet access and areas with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Parking facilities: secure car park with discount for customers and free bicycle parking.
  • Self-service launderette.
  • Disabled rooms and access.
  • Additional bed.



In the city of the apostle and close to the cathedral you can stay at Hostal La Salle and from there miss yourself through the nooks and crannies of the old town in Santiago and enjoy your well deserved reward at the end of Camino de Santiago.

The monumental and enchanted Santiago de Compostela awaits to receive you and let you enjoy its centuries of history and its pilgrim essence.


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