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Hostel el Palomar (Ledigos)

Tel. number +34 979 883 605 / +34 979 883 614
Address C/ Ronda de Abajo, 23 - Ledigos – Palencia


Charging point for electric bicycles



The hostel has a swimming pool and also a bar serving breakfasts and menus for 9€ on lunch and dinner. It also has five double bedrooms and one single bedroom, besides multiple bedrooms with bunk beds.



  • Hostel: 6 €.

  • Individual room: 11 €.

  • Double room: 18 €.


  • Free to use kitchen

  • Washer and dryer

  • Bicycle cloakroom

  • Wi-Fi. Computer with Internet access

  • Bar-Restaurant with menu (10 €)


The town of Ledigos, in Palencia, is located about 52 km northwest of the capital of the province. The city center lies in the valley of the stream of Templars, one of many place names in the area that recall the presence of an important settlement of the monk-knights of the Order of the Temple in this area of Castilla.

During the Middle Ages, Ledigos highlighted as a place offered to St. James by Urraca. In fact, in the year 1028 the entire village was donated to the church of Santiago de Compostela. That is why the town has a church dedicated to St. James, which was renovated in the seventeenth century and is situated on a hill from where you can see the next town, Terradillos de los Templarios, where the locals still have many legends about the mysterious order of religious warriors, as this population, which now belongs to the municipality of Ledigos was jurisdictional territory of the order of the Temple.



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