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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 09:36

How to organise bicycle transport

Bicigrino.com and Seur will arrange and organise the bicycle transport for you, now with more modern and effective means thanks to the possibility of hiring the transport service through internet.

Just for 46 € you can send your bicycle from home to the start of any Camino de Santiago variation, cycle touring route, competition or simply from one residence to other, always with the direct support and advice of Bicigrino.

This service currently provides coverage to bicycle transport throughout the Spanish territory and several european countries. The initial idea was to provide a transport service for pilgrims organising their Camino de Santiago by bicycle, and thanks to the experience gathered we can now expand this service to general bicycle transportation with any origin and destination, with the convenience and advantages of being able to hire this service through internet.

If you hire the transport service through Bicigrino online shop you will not have to worry about anything, we will contact you and arrange the bicycle transportation adapting to your needs and preferences.

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Transport your bicycle from home to the start of Camino de Santiago.

Now as a novelty you can transport your bicycle directly to SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT. A new service is born in response to the needs of bike-pilgrims. Transporting your bicycle to France is not an issue anymore.

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Buenas noticias para el transporte de bicicletas en el camino de Santiago.

El portal temático del camino de Santiago en bicicleta bicigrino.com y la red de albergues para ciclistas bikeline, se alian con la prestigiosa compañia de transporte Seur.

Con este acuerdo de colaboración se pretenden reforzar los servicios que ya se venían prestando en el transporte de bicicletas desde la casa de los bicigrinos hasta el inicio del camino y desde Santiago de Compostela a casa.

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