Hostel Pitis (Markina)
Tel. number +34 657 727 824 Address Karmengo Plaza nº11, 48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia) Website   E-mail OPEN ALL YEAR *Bookings by phone*   Comforts Private hostel for 12 people in the center of town, just a few meters from the historic center. Visitors can enjoy the richness and variety of the heritage offered by the town of Markina-Xemein.   Prices Room with bunk beds: 12 € (breakfast included). Double room: 15 € (breakfast
Hostel Ziortzabeitia (Zenarruza)
Tel. number +34 674 740 943 - +34 946 165 722 Address Next to the monastery of Zenarruza, 48279 Ziortza - Bolibar (Bizkaia) Website   E-mail   OPEN ALL YEAR * Reservations by phone *   Comforts Family hostel located in an idyllic setting surrounded by forests on the mountain next to the impressive monastery of Zenarruza. At this hostel besides being able to end an spectacular stage coming from Zumaia you can also relax completely. The hostel has a family atmosphere and in its
Hostel Idatze Etxea Elejalde (Mendata)
Tel. number +34 946 257 204 / +34 618 269 404 Address Barrio Elexalde 7, 48382 Mendata, Bizkaia (1 km away from Camino, signposted diversion to the left) Website   E-mail   OPEN FROM APRIL THE 1ST TO OCTOBER THE 31ST * Bookings by phone *   Comforts To access this hostel we have to deviate from the Camino one kilometer (The turnoff is between the small villages of Olabe and Sabarren) and once we are in the hostel, to return to the path marked by the yellow arrows we can continue
Hostel Eskerika (Morga)
Tel. number +34 696 453 582 Address Barrio de Eskerika 10, 48115 Morga, Bizkaia (About 2 km after the hermitage of San Esteban de Gerekiz) Website   E-mail OPEN FROM APRIL THE 1ST TO OCTOBER THE 30TH * Reservations by telephone or e-mail *   Comforts This hostel is located in an strategic place in the Northern Way. We will find it a few kilometers from Gernika and slightly before entering Bilbao. For those seeking for a break in the countryside and shy away
Hostel Akelarre (Bilbao)
Tel. number +34 944 057 713 Address C/ Morgan 4-6, 48014 Deusto, Bilbao (Bizkaia) Website E-mail Booking OPEN ALL YEAR   Comforts “Bilbao Akelarre Hostel” is the first and private youth hostel in Bilbao designed for you. It is just a few minutes by walking from the Guggenheim Museum, located in the historic district of “Deusto University”. It was born to let you know the capital of “Bizkaia” and the Basque Country. Rooms with 2, 6, 8 and 12 beds. Adapted for disabled
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