Bicycle transport

Bicycle transportation from home to the start of Camino and from Santiago to home.

At Bicigrino we coordinate the transportation of your bicycle working with the most efficient companies, offering services such as bicycle transport from Santiago de Compostela to your place of residence and from home to the start of Camino or any other cycle touring route of your choice.

embalaje bicicletaIn ships within the Iberian Peninsula you can send your bicycle from home to the start of any route of the Camino at a very reasonable price, always with the direct support and advice of Bicigrino. It is also possible to transport bicycles from the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Portugal and other international destinations.

In the website used for the hiring of the transport, BICIGRINO ONLINE SHOP, you can consult the updated prices for every transport and route.

Purchasing the transport ticket through Bicigrino online shop you will not have to worry about anything, simply deliver your bicycle to our employees at your arrival at Santiago. Your bicycle will be kept safe and from there we will properly pack it to send it back to your home.

Our bicycle transport service is based on the experience gathered after several years of operation. For us the priority is the quality and efficience of the service, thus the bicycles are always transported perfectly packed in cardboard boxes and covered by an insurance policy to provide additional safety.

Transport price includes the bicycle itself and a pair of saddlebags and the helmet if you wish so.

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How does the transport from Santiago to home work?

The processing of this transport is done by booking through BICIGRINO ONLINE SHOP, you simply have to access the website and after paying a little reservation fee (which is included in the full price) we will provide you, via e-mail, all the information on the coordination of the transport when you reach Santiago de Compostela. It is recommended to deliver the bicycle upon arriving in Santiago and this way you will have more freedom to make the arrangements for the Compostela at the pilgrim's office or anything you might need. With this process, besides coordinating the delivery of the bicycle to your house, you will not have to worry about your beloved travel companion and you can walk by Santiago freely.

caja_bicicleta2How does the transport from home to the start of Camino work?

After placing your order through Bicigrino online shop, the transport system from home to the beginning of the route works like this:

In case the bicycle can be sent to one of our affiliated hostels or hotels on our HOSTEL or HOTEL networks, the transport is much easier as we can arrange the delivery on destination with some of our establishments depending on how you want to send the bicycle.

However if you want to send your bicycle to any other location despite not being one of our affiliated establishments it is also possible to arrange the transport, but in this case you have to agree the receipt of the bicycle yourself. If you have planned to stay somewhere overnight before starting your journey, the easiest thing to do is to tell the staff of the acommodation and in most cases they do not hinder. If that is not the case and you will not stay overnight before starting the route, if you are not starting on the weekend or any holiday and you start the route on a city with headquarters of the transport company we work with (this is the most important aspect), there is the possibility of picking up the bicycle directly from the headquarters.

empaquetado_bici2As for the packaging, in Santiago de Compostela we have everything we need to pack and transport bicycles because there is a high demand and the carriers are prepared to pack bicycles, but when hiring the transport service from home to the start of the route we contact your local carrier and since there is not much demands on bicycle transport they may not have boxes to pack your bicycle. In this case it is advised to hire the service beforehand to have enough time to get a box from your habitual workshop or bicycle shop. At shops they usually have empty boxes from the bicycles that are sold.

The day arranged for the bicycle collection the carriers cannot inform you of the exact time as they have a route and stop by when they are near your house, if you are not home they will call you to the phone number you provide when hiring the transport service.

Another important consideration is that we need at least 5 working days to send the bicycle to avoid that you get to the destination before the bicycle.

And finally clarify that although the service has been designed for Camino de Santiago, we can send bicycles from and to any location within the Iberian Peninsula.

Now thanks to our partner company in the transportation of bicycles (Seur), you can monitor your bicycle trip through the free application available for iOS and Android devices.


Now also thanks to the collaboration with SEUR we can send the bicycle back home with payment on arrival.

This service is very useful for example if you have to leave the bicycle for an unexpected reason during the course of the Way of St James somewhere other than Santiago and carriers are not available at the time (during public holidays for example), or any other contingency that may happen to you and that forces you to leave your bicycle in a safe place to retrieve it later. To enjoy this service is very important that you have previously purchased the RESERVATION VOUCHER for transport on BICIGRINO ONLINE SHOP and that way you will only have to contact us and provide the information of the collection point, and from that moment we will coordinate the transport of your bike and we will take it to the agreed point.

It can also be useful to leave the bicycle at a hotel or place your trust in Santiago de Compostela and you will only have to communicate the collection point so we can organize the pickup, and thus you will not have to be there at the time of the bicycle collection.

 If in doubt it is reccommended to contact to or if you prefer, call to +34 627 928 213, we organize the bicycle transportation directly, so you can call without any commitment for any need or questions you have regarding the transportation of bicycles.

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